Monday, May 20, 2019

Mt. Carbine in the Cape York Peninsula of North Queensland, Australia

While traveling to far North Queensland, Australia, I drove through Mt Carbine. The town has a history of a typical boom-bust mining town. Wolframite was discovered there in the 1890s. The town boomed with the price high, then depopulated after the end of World War I and the crash in the price of mineral markets, particularly for Tungsten.

The mineral leases were purchased again in 1968, and the town enjoyed resurgence from 1971 to 1986. Wolframite prices were falling, and the mine and equipment were sold off in 1993.

The town is said to be named after a racehorse called Carbine. There is no particular firearms provenance in the history of Mt Carbine.  There were a some of bloody conflicts between Aboriginals and European settlers in Cape York, especially near and in the gold fields.  Chinese were supposed to be preferred to Europeans by the Aboriginals for cannibalism, as they "tasted better". Those clashes happened 20 years before Mt Carbine was founded.

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Barneycb said...

I have seen self defense tools like the one in the photo accompanying the article. I read about a lady that was arrested in Texas because she did not realize they are illegal. The photo seems to suggest that they are part of the bill that was recently passed. I don't think those are called knuckles though. Can you clarify if the kitty key chain thing is part of the bill or not?


Dean Weingarten said...

Different article, but the kitty key chain was much of the reason for the Texas bill.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people want stupid laws. Anything can be used as a deadly weapon. My flag poles are lances if I need them to be. I have never set down and written a list of all the different kinds of weapons I have I have the tools, the skills, the knowledge and supplies to make many more.