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Joe Biden is Corrupt: My Experience at the 1984 Annual Meeting in Milwaukee with Lt. Kayne Robinson's Wife

I watched with considerable alarm as Senator Joe Biden was elected Vice President in 2008. He was a very effective insurance policy for President Barack  Obama.

Vice President Joe Biden is corrupt. He has been at least since 1984. I learned this in 1984, in an interaction I had with Lt. Kayne Robinson's wife at the NRA annual meeting in Milwaukee.

Biden is an unethical bully. I watched him on C-Span as he interrogated Lt. Kayne Robinson during a Senate committee hearing on “cop killer bullets”. The hearing took place on March 7th, 1984. Kayne was unflappable. Biden gave him a complement by saying he could make it in politics. It was months later that I heard the rest of the story.

I was at the NRA annual meeting in Milwaukee in May, 1984. Lt. Kayne Robinson was giving a small session talk. Seating was limited to about 60 people, as I recall. I saw an attractive woman in the front row by herself, and suspected that she had a connection to Lt. Robinson.

I struck up a conversation and found that she was his wife. I told her to complement him on his Senate Committee testimony, and she said that I did not know the half of it. After Lt. Robinson had testified, Biden had a staffer call Robinson's police department to apply pressure to try to get Robinson fired.

I call that very close to Stalinist tactics.

I have not been able to find a video clip of the C-Span recorded session, but I found the transcript of it.


 From Lt. Kayne Robinson's testimony before the judiciary committee on 7 March, 1984 Page 80:
In testing our own vests in the Des Moines Police Department, we manufactured-here are some samples of bullets. It took us about 15 minutes apiece to modify commonly available, ordinary, everyday police type ammunition that would shoot through our vests with no difficulty at all and penetrate way into our bullet catching device. It is the common one that is used, but it nevertheless absorbs energy to capture the bullet.

The point is that it is very easy for anyone to make this ammunition in his own basement. It is very, very easy to do. It is going to be extremely difficult to define that kind of a situation in the law. That ammunition obviously was not originally manufactured for that purpose. Yet it was very easy to modify it. Needless to say, that is cheaper and more readily available than some of the highly restricted ammunition like the KTW that would leave a more dramatic trail, certainly, with regard to the person who bought it.

So as regards the specific proposals that I have read, the one that is before the committee, it will ban many sporting cartridges. It will ban cartridges like some of those standing before you that were not designed to be armor piercing cartridges, and that is a serious problem.

 From Page 86:
Senator BIDEN. And speaking of Iowa's battles, there IS an assistant chief named Zinzer who says you do not speak for the dt~part­ment. I guess he is your assistant chief. We just got him on the phone.

Mr. ROBINSON. Is that right? Senator BIDEN. Yes. He says specifically you do not speak for the department. 1

Senator BIDEN. Is that right? Did you think you did? I mean:. I am confused here.

Mr. ROBINSON. I am not going to debate you about what Assistant Chief Zinzer has to say, sir.

Senator BIDEN. Does that surprise you that he would say that? Mr. ROBINSON. I do not have any way of knowing what he said. Senator BIDEN. I'll tell you what, you could make it in the State Department. [Laughter.]

You might be able to make it in politics...
The account of Biden attempting to use his clout as a Senator to get a police officer fired, for giving effective testimony in opposition to the bill Biden was promoting, was obtained second hand. It was from a very credible source, Lt. Kayne Robinson's wife, who was intimately involved. It was told to me two months after the events occurred.

It was over 35 years ago, but I remember it very well. It changed my perspective by opening my eyes to the seamy side of American politics.

More and more of Americans are having their eyes opened to the seamy side.


In 1986, the "cop-killer" bullet ban was passed. It did nothing to increase officer safety, but it did chip away at the Second Amendment.

Yes, the NRA agreed to the final legislation, which was very limited. It was fighting a rear-guard action. There is a good chance we could have won on preventing any ban at all. Neal Knox thought we could. But the people in charge at the NRA were not willing to go to the wall for it, when they thought a compromise would do nearly as well.

Biden supported the ban on some bullets, the so-called, Orwellian termed "cop-killer" bullets, in 1986, when it passed the Senate
Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), chief sponsor of the bill, along with Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), noted that it is supported by numerous law enforcement groups.
The ban was never about protecting police officers. No officer was ever killed by an "armor piercing bullet" being shot through an armor resistant vest. It was a made up controversy to create the precedent the government could regulate the type of ammunition used by the citizenry.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, Dean I hope you are waking up now to the short comings of the NRA. Note, it is not the NPA National pistol association Most body armor can be penetrated by an arrow fired from a 50 pound pull bow. I cast my own bullets and fletch my own arrows.

C. S. P. Schofield said...

Of course Biden is corrupt. If anyone connected with the Obama administration...or with the Hillary campaign...wasn't corrupt, it was almost certainly an accident.