Thursday, June 20, 2019

OH: Domestic, Man Shoots Ex, Attacks Children, Gunfight with Guard, Kills Self

Meanwhile, an armed guard with Typhon Security, who was working at a nearby construction site, heard the incident and approached the suspect. The two men exchanged gunfire, and police say the suspect tried to again shoot the female victim but his gun jammed.

According to police, two males and a female jumped out from two separate vehicles and tried to help the victim and her children. The two males wrestled with the suspect, who dropped his handgun and pulled out a knife, police say.

The two males and female helped the victim and her children into their cars. They drove them to the intersection of South Arlington Street and Clark Street, where they flagged down a police officer.

The male suspect retrieved his handgun and ran eastbound on River Street, again exchanging gunfire with the security guard, police say. The suspect was then confronted by a police officer.

The suspect then put the gun to his head and shot himself, police say. He was taken to Akron City Hospital but he died of his wounds.
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