Friday, June 14, 2019

Teen Criminal, Home Invader, Killed by Homeowner with Rifle

On Friday morning, at 2:50 a.m. on the 7th of June, 2019, a home invasion by a young man did not turn out as expected.  The owner heard him banging on the door and breaking the window glass. After the invader gained entry to the home, and was advancing up stairs, the homeowner shot "in the general direction" of the invader, Jayven Jackson, 18 years of age.

The homeowner used a rifle and fired multiple shots, hitting Jackson in the legs and/or feet.  The police spokesperson said he was shot twice, as I understood his answer in the press conference.  Link to video press release on facebook by Clayton County Police.

In the account by, the reporter states Jackson crawled down the stairs toward the door, where he was found by the police. From
The homeowner said the suspect broke the glass next to the front door and reached to unlock it before making entry. Police said that as Jackson made his way up the stairs, the homeowner grabbed a rifle and shot several times in the alleged robber's general direction.

Jackson was hit in the lower extremities according to police and managed to crawl down the stairs toward the front door before police arrived. Police haven't released the name of the homeowner and their statement gives no indication that he is facing any charges in the shooting.

"People have the right to defend themselves," said Maj. Anthony Thuman with the Clayton County Police Department, "that's the point we want to drive home, you have the right to defend yourself."

Police said Jackson had previously had several run-ins with their department as a juvenile.
 Jackson died on the way to the hospital.  We do not know what caliber the rifle was, or the model, or exactly where Jackson was hit, other than "the lower extremities".  It appears he was hit twice.

A gunshot wound in any extremity can be fatal, because arteries may be hit, causing the person shot to die from loss of blood.  If bones were hit, the chances of arteries being cut increases. More powerful cartridges make this possibility more likely.

It is probable the rifle was a semi-automatic. They are the most common action of rifle in the United States. Most rifles in the United States are repeaters. All repeaters may be fired rapidly with a little practice.

With the debate about the usefulness of semi-automatic firearms for home defense, this is important information. No reporter at the press conference seemed interested in the caliber or model of the rifle.

As the investigation into the shooting continues, the caliber and model of the rifle are likely to be revealed.

Semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15, make excellent home defense tools because they are intimidating, easily identified, easy to control, can be effective against multiple intruders, and have the magazine capacity to allow for misses due to barriers, moving targets, and suppressive fire.

All of the attributes that make this sort of rifle useful in military situations make it useful for home defense.

Most rifle ammunition will penetrate several walls of ordinary construction. Ammunition is available to limit the penetration, and is recommended in areas of high population density.

In this case, although multiple rounds were fired, there is no indication any of the bullets left the home owner's property.

AR15 type rifles are, however, extremely loud indoors. A suppressor or hearing protection is recommended for indoor use.

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