Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Followup PA: Woman Judge not Charged in Shooting of Felon Husband

“We can confirm the investigation is closed and no charges have been filed ,” said Jacklin Rhoads, an office spokeswoman. “The Office of Attorney General completed a careful review of the evidence in this case including but not limited to interviewing all witnesses, analyzing phone data and records, reviewing crime scene evidence as well as surveillance and reenactment videos. We found that Ms. McKnight acted in self-defense which is why our office did not file charges.”
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Valentino thomas said...

A 9mph speeding ticket isn't going to raise your rates if you've got a clean record. For more ideal details about traffic ticket lawyers, this site.

ExpatNJ said...

Receiving ANY speeding ticket WILL raise not only a driver's Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance rates, but decrease that driver's Credit Score. Mr. Thomas is blissfully unaware of these facts, as I speak from knowledge and experience.

In US states like New Jersey, an issued ticket - even if later dismissed or driver found NOT guilty - will remain listed on their NJ State DMV record in perpetuity. It NEVER is erased. This guarantees a single ticket WILL affect a driver's Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance rate, and, not for benefit of the driver. After all, if a driver received a single ticket, - even wrongfully - that driver MUST be guilty of some degree of bad driving, or so the IIHS believes.

In many states, a Driver's License record can be used legally to determine not only Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates, but the interest rates drivers pay on their mortgage, HELOC, credit card, and other financial instruments. See the above.

The IIHS - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - was founded NOT to increase highway 'safety', but as a mouthpiece and advocacy group for the FOR-profit Motor Vehicle Insurance Industry. A truly duplicitous and insidious raison d'être.

There are groups defending the Second Amendment. But, there are also groups defending the Right to Peaceable Travel. I urge all interested drivers to investigate the NON-profit NMA - National Motorists Association:

[NOTE: I have no financial interest in the NMA. This communication is not - nor is it intended to be - legal, financial, nor other advice. One has to pay for that ...]

Anonymous said...

Every one should read the Arizona Traffic laws. Arizona Law says you are required to proceed at a rate of speed consistent with the time of day, road conditions, weather conditions, flow of traffic and time of day. Speed limit signs are only good for one quarter mile. school zones are limited to 15 miles per hour. they issue tickets for to fast during a snow storm , obstructing traffic. No lights after sundown, damaged lights. Incorrect mirrors. the last posted speed limit sign I saw was 55mph Highway patrolman said I was obstructing traffic speed up or get off the freeway. I was pulled over by a 55mph sign. 75mph was fine.