Wednesday, February 10, 2021

CA: 84-Year-Old Neighbor Gets Gun, Stops Knife Attack by Victims Son

Homicide detectives determined the suspect, Jeremy Koger, was at the home of his father and step-mother, identified as Jerry Koger, 58, and Lorain Corral, 55. For reasons, still unknown, he attacked them with a knife.

According to a sheriff’s news release, “both victims ran outside and sought help from neighbors, and Jeremy left the location. While neighbors called 911 and assisted Jerry and Lorain, Jeremy returned and began attacking Lorain again with a knife.”

A neighbor ran into his home, armed himself with a gun, and yelled at Jeremy to stop, but he continued stabbing Lorain, officials said. At that time the neighbor, an 84-year-old man, shot Jeremy and stopped the attack. The neighbor was shaken up but not injured.

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