Wednesday, February 10, 2021

TN: Man Uses Pistol to Scare off Dogs, Dog Owner Threatens him with Shotgun

HCSO reports Pruner put up the pistol and planned to go talk to his neighbor, Phillip Williams, about the dogs killing his livestock.

Pruner said Williams, 60, pulled up in a red Ford F-150 at the same time he got to the road. Williams allegedly got out of the truck with a “short-barreled pump shotgun in his hand,” according to the report.

According to Pruner, Williams pointed the gun at both him and his wife and said “I’m tired of you” and claimed he would shoot them if Pruner had shot his dogs.

 HCSO reports the two argued for several minutes while Pruner tried to de-escalate the situation out of fear for their lives. Pruner said he told Williams “he did not want to feud with him like the Hatfield and McCoys” and he just wanted Williams to keep his dogs off their property.

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