Friday, February 26, 2021

LA: Man Shoots Youth who Displayed Weapon while Burglarizing Truck

Mark explained, according to an official report, that he was at his sister's apartment, asleep, when a noise outside woke him up. Mark claimed he went to the window to investigate and saw two black males in ski masks breaking into his truck.

So, Mark claimed he proceeded to arm himself with a handgun, go outside, and confront the burglars.

While approaching them, Mark said he noticed one of them holding something that appeared to be a weapon, which Mark told police "could have been a screwdriver or tool." But, in the heat of the moment, Mark feared the item was a handgun.

So, Mark said he shot at one of the two burglars, and both fled.

Mark went on to tell police he chased the wounded burglar on Burbank drive, caught up with him, and demanded that he drop "his weapon," which Mark then realized was a screwdriver and not a gun.

Mark said he then demanded that the burglar lead him to where he'd stashed $10,000, which Mark said appeared to be missing from his truck.

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Gunluvr said...

So why didn't he kill him?