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Review: The Trayvon Hoax, Unmasking the Witness Fraud 1:59 2020 by Joel Gilbert, Free on Youtube



Joel Gilbert has produced an superb work of investigative journalism. If the old media were not complicit in the hoax, this would be front page news across the nation. A travesty of justice was perpetrated against George Zimmerman. The two hour documentary shows how and why it was done.

Link to Free Youtube video of The Trayvon Hoax

Full disclosure: This correspondent has written extensively on the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman case. I was one of the first to defend George Zimmerman, to declare the case was being used for political purposes.


Joel Gilbert's documentary and investigative work are convincing evidence of how the fraud on the court was created, propagated, and promoted for political and financial gain. 

Gilbert started his investigation with a desire to document how a far-left, radical mayor, with significant corruption problems, came within a squeak of being elected as the Governor of Florida in 2018.  As he looked into the politics of the election, it became clear candidate Andrew Gillum used false perceptions about the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman case, fostered and promoted by the Media, to promote his candidacy. Gillum, who has since been involved in more scandals, came shockingly close to winning.

Joel Gilbert decided he needed to know more about the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman case. He was able to meet with and interview George Zimmerman. He obtained the entire phone log for Trayvon Martin.

As someone who has done investigative work, Joel Gilbert does a brilliant job.

He illustrates that 99% of genius is hard work.

The investigative work, clarity of the evidence, and thoroughness of the multiple lines of investigation pursued, are superb. This is what serious, well done investigative journalism is and should be.

There is the evidence. Well documented, explained and verified. The case put forward by Gilbert is compelling, understandable, and damning.

The star witness in the case was not who she was portrayed to be. It was a deliberate fraud on the court. The evidence Gilbert uncovered is bound to figure prominently in the current lawsuit George Zimmerman has filed against those who defamed him for political and financial gain.

Gilbert does not spend much time on a side plot revealed by his investigation, which may give a glimmer of understanding as to why Trayvon Martin chose to attack George Zimmerman. 

Trayvon Martin was 17. He was head over heals in love with Diamond Eugene, a beautiful, sexy 16 year old young woman. Their relationship was intense and overtly sexual. Trayvon was spending hours a day on the telephone with Diamond. He did not know she was also in a relationship with another young man. Diamond expected and demanded a lot of time and attention. Just before Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, Diamond seems to have dumped him. It is in the text messages, as Gilbert illustrates:


u sayd ima waste of yo time


it wat it is


u really hurt a nigga feelns


it whatever


u done wit m??


nigga go fuck a hoe
Could this be why Trayvon felt compelled to attack George Zimmerman? Male humans are often at their most dangerous when they have been rejected by a significant love interest. 

Joel Gilbert does not say that was Trayvon's motive. He does not dwell on this aspect of his investigation. 

Most of the investigation is about finding the real Diamond Eugene, and linking her to Trayvon Martin, Sabrina Martin, the false witness (Rachel Eugene), Benjamin Crump and Matt Gutman with irrefutable evidence.  

Joel Gilbert uses his fine-tuned skills to develop:

  • Phone evidence
  • Handwriting evidence
  • DNA evidence 
  • Video evidence

It is no small thing to substitute a fake witness in a murder trial for the real witness. 

I give The Trayvon Hoax documentary five stars. If you have been interested in the Trayvon Martin - George  Zimmerman case, watch this documentary. It reveals how much the nation has been played by those who benefit from racial strife. 

Joel Gilbert deserves high praise for doing the work none of the power elite wanted done. 

The two hours spent watching this documentary is two hours well spent. 

If you prefer to read the book, it is available at this site.

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