Sunday, September 05, 2004

"Brandishing" does work: "A Redondo Beach [CA] man thwarted a burglary at his home when he opened the blinds and waved a handgun at the potential intruders, who fled. Police officers quickly caught up to the two women and 16-year-old boy who allegedly tried to break into the house Monday not knowing someone was inside. The suspected burglars ended up in jail."

Sunset of weapon ban to fire up gun debate: "The war in Iraq and the economy may dominate the fall presidential campaign, but with the federal assault weapons ban set to expire in two weeks, the gun debate is sure to intensify. Peter Hamm, communications director for the Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, said it was 'premature' to predict the level of importance the gun issue would play in this year's presidential and national elections. However, if the assault weapons ban, which took effect in 1994, is left to expire, Hamm promised that the Brady Campaign would try to make elected officials who allowed it to sunset 'feel as much pain' as possible at the voting booths."

Sounds like they WERE out of line: "Two Uinta [UT] High School students aren't in class today ... they've been suspended for bringing pellet guns on school property. A witness saw the boys pull guns from their car and walk into a football game. Deputies tracked down the teens, questioned them and ... confiscating these two pellet-type guns. In addition to suspension, the boys will be referred to Juvenile Court."

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