Thursday, September 30, 2004

Criminals usually don't get guns legally: "Guns that are purchased and carried legally are not usually involved in crimes, law enforcement officials say. "A lot of the criminal element doesn't go to your local gun store and get a gun, nor do they come to the Sheriff's Department and get a gun permit," said Tulare County sheriff's Lt. Keith Douglas. "A large amount of weapons that are used in crimes, the people that have them don't have permits." Xavier Garcia, manager of Best Jewelry and Loan in Visalia, said the process for getting a gun, including the waiting period, helps prevent criminals from buying guns.'"

The dangers of democracy: "In order to understand why the right to keep and bear arms is crucial to a free society, it is first essential to realize that true freedom cannot coexist with coercion -- even if said coercion is perpetuated by a majority rule -- democracy. By its very nature, democracy is mob rule -- the many imposing their will on the few. And by its very nature, democracy is inconsistent with freedom. In a democracy your rights can be trampled by a simple majority vote -- without regard for objective, moral principles of right and wrong. And as Ilana astutely explains in her razor-sharp condemnation of Tony Blair's Britain, 'A right that can't be defended ... is a right that exists only in name.'"

A "successful" anti-gun policy: "In his 25 years of picking up fares, Roger McKinnon has been shot at, kidnapped and burned on the hand with a cigarette. During that time, six cabdrivers he knew of were killed; two of them were his friends. One was shot in the back; one, in the head. ... Yellow Cab's 350-car fleet is equipped with GPS tracking, two-way radios, on-board computers and panic switches installed in secret locations. ... But none of the cabs has a partition, and neither company allows drivers to carry guns."

Gun control never works: "Gun control never works because the logic behind it is completely flawed. Criminals do not purchase their weapons through legitimate gun retailers. They buy them on the street, where they are cheap and cannot be traced. Or they simply steal them. Putting gun control laws in place, only help to separate decent people from their constitutional right to own a gun. Thus, giving the upper hand to the violent criminals."

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