Monday, September 06, 2004

Police criminals: "On August 5, JPFO mailed an alert headed 'What Happened in Oshkosh? And Why Should Gun Owners Care?' We were following up on a mid-July incident. Details of that incident were unclear, but one thing was absolutely certain: Following the wounding of an officer, Oshkosh police confiscated firearms -- without consent and without warrants -- from homes of innocent men and women. The police violated these Americans' Fourth Amendment rights and left them defenseless, knowing full well there was a sniper on the loose in their neighborhood. We just received a copy of an August 8 article from the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper in which police try to defend their action."

Wicked starting pistol: "A television advertisement for Land Rover featuring a woman firing a gun has been banned by regulators after it prompted more than 300 complaints from viewers. The advert for the Freelander Sport was accused of glamorising and normalising gun culture and encouraging dangerous driving. It featured a woman taking a gun from a drawer and brandishing it as she hurried after a man seen leaving her house. As he climbed into the vehicle, she took aim then shot into the air. It became clear that the gun was actually a starting pistol. The man smiled and drove off."

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