Thursday, September 23, 2004

A little gun talk: "I have collected large-frame revolvers, both single and double action, for decades now, and have them in three inches, four inches, four and five-eighths inches, five inches, six inches, six and a half inches, seven and a half inches, the aforementioned eight inches, and eight and three-eighths inches. There are a great many other choices offered, and I'm presently hankering after a five and a half and a ten. But what I've recently rediscovered is that the best all-round choice you can make if you want a good, reliable, sturdy weapon and you don't want to start a collection, is a five-inch double action revolver."


"Tough new anti-gun legislation comes into force in Brazil on Wednesday, in a bid to curb what the UN says is the world's fourth-highest murder rate. Under the new rules, anyone carrying a gun without a licence will face a prison sentence. Permits will be issued only to police, security guards and others in high-risk professions - but they must be at least 25 years old. Anyone else caught carrying a firearm will face up to four years in prison.

"Those who currently have permits can carry their weapons until midnight, then they turn into pumpkins. After that, they'll be breaking the law if they take their guns out of their houses," a Brazilian justice ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday, before the law took effect."

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A dealer forced underground by the sound of it

"Los Angeles police seized 388 guns from one man, more than were recovered in the city all last year, a police spokeswoman said. Police seized 11 guns from the car of Wayne Wright, 56, along with another he had illegally sold to an undercover officer. After his arrest, police searched his home in the nearby suburb of Simi Valley and found 376 more firearms.

"Last year there were 348 firearms seized in Los Angeles. This year there have been 411, including the 388 that were seized from Wayne Wright," Officer Sandra Escalante said. "There were rifles, shotguns, handguns and assault weapons" recovered from Wright's home, Escalante said.

A silencer and thousands of rounds of ammunition, including armour-piercing rounds, were also recovered from Wright's home, Escalante said. Possession of a silencer and armour-piercing bullets are felonies in California".

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