Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Imitation ball-bearing! Nothing worse! "Armed police officers arrested a man after receiving reports that a man was seen walking past a hotel in a Mid Wales town, carrying a handgun. They were called to the Bell Hotel, in Commercial Street, Newtown, during the early hours of Tuesday morning. After searching the area officers found the man the Llanfair Road. Officers disarmed him after a search revealed he was carrying an imitation ball bearing gun. He was then arrested and taken into custody."

Bullets are better? "A proposal to ban stun guns in Indianapolis [IN] is still alive despite a City-County Council committee's decision Wednesday to delay discussing the measure. Democratic council member Sherron Franklin -- who is an Indianapolis police officer -- said she hopes to craft a new proposal that conforms to state law and could be ready later this month. The proposed ban, which currently would impose a $250 fine for buying a stun gun, is intended to protect police officers, who could be incapacitated by them, Franklin said."

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