Thursday, December 23, 2004 Joins Forces with Gun Control Group, the online superstore, has united with the anti-gun movement this holiday season. is promoting the Million Mom March, a group known for its support of strict gun control laws and regulations. It will give five percent of every sale to the organization when visitors access Amazon's website through the Million Mom March site. In 2001, the Million Mom March joined the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center to become the largest grassroots, non-partisan, anti-gun organization.

Since then, the group has supported many anti-gun proposals, such as New Jersey Assembly Bill 3942, which was proposed to outlaw the sale of .50 caliber or larger firearms including muzzleloaders. Fortunately for sportsmen, the bill was withdrawn in January. Similar legislation has been introduced in California, Illinois, New York and Virginia.

The Million Mom March also strongly opposed Senate Bill 1805, a congressional bill that would have protected firearm and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers from frivolous lawsuits brought by victims of gun abusers.

Take Action! Sportsmen across the nation should contact and educate them about the Million Mom March's goals to impose unnecessary gun control laws that threaten the rights of law abiding sportsmen and shooters. Contact President Jeff Bezos,, Inc. 1200 12th Ave. South Suite, 1200, Seattle, Washington 98144. Phone (206) 266-1000.

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The false hope of gun free zones: "Past instances of mass shootings, and common sense, teach us that when a victim resists with a firearm the violence ends quickly. Arguments claiming armed intervention by citizens leads to higher death tolls do not stand up to scrutiny. Death tolls are demonstrably higher when victims are unable to fight back as compared to cases where an armed victim resists. It's time to ask how many more people must needlessly die before gun control activists and legislators realize that disarming law-abiding citizens leaves them easy prey to criminals. The recent massacre at a Columbus, Ohio nightclub proves yet again that so-called gun free zones only benefit criminals."

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