Monday, December 13, 2004

Where does a company's right to prohibit guns stop? "The fight over whether employees should have access to firearms at work seems destined for a tortuous journey through the courts. Meanwhile, many companies have banned, even in parking lots, weapons owned by employees who have concealed weapons permits. As one might expect, tempers can get hot over this issue."

Gun funster: "Days after the arrest of a local teenager following the discovery of a cache of guns and armament in his apartment, police are still trying to determine if his weapons were a hobby or supplies for a deadly plan. Police seized nine rifles, a handgun, silencers, ammunition, a homemade bulletproof vest and other items from Michael Steward�s apartment at 306 Plaza Drive on Dec. 1. "The challenge we have is trying determine whether we have a person experimenting or if he had some sort of plot to harm people," police Capt. Anthony Colarusso said. Steward is being held at the Strafford County jail on $100,000 bail on three felony reckless conduct charges. The charges stem from Steward allegedly firing his guns inside his apartment with a 16-year-old juvenile inside."

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