Thursday, December 30, 2004

Pennsylvania: Court classifies paintball guns as weapons: "A student who kept six paintball guns in the trunk of his car violated a state law against possession of a weapon on school property, in part because he used one of the guns to commit vandalism, the state Superior Court has ruled. The youth, unnamed in court documents, was charged with possessing a weapon on school property; improper use of paintball guns, air rifles and paintball markers; and criminal mischief. He admitted to the acts of vandalism, authorities said. ... In a decision released Thursday, Superior Court Judge Richard B. Klein wrote that the mere possession of the guns would not have been criminal if one had not been used illegally."

BB or not BB: "In popular culture, the Red Ryder BB gun is 'the Holy Grail of Christmas gifts,' but the maker of the present so desperately desired by Ralphie Parker in the movie 'A Christmas Story' is gun-shy when it comes to publicity. 'They are a classic American brand, but anytime you talk about selling guns to kids in today's society, they are pariah,' said New York-based toy consultant Chris Byrne, who isn't surprised that Daisy Outdoor Products doesn't boast about the gun. ... Wilson sees irony in the situation, noting that violent video games continue to grow in popularity but BB guns have come under fire. '... A lot of folks don't like [the video] games either, but the First Amendment is more powerful than the Second Amendment and generally more agreed-upon."

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