Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Nasty politically correct police hit at kids: "Police have been accused of heavy handedness after arresting two young boys who were playing with toy guns. One of the boys was held in a cell for five hours. Liam Spencer, 11, and his friend, Luke Johnson, 13, were singing the James Bond theme tune as they rolled around on the floor at a youth club 'shooting' at each other in a mock fight. Liam, who is 4ft 8in, was dressed as Santa Claus and Luke was wearing a Frankenstein's Monster mask. But as the pair walked home, a motorist who saw them carrying their silver-coloured plastic guns called the police. ... Both sets of parents accepted that their children should not have been waving the 99p toy guns in the street and thought that that was the end of the matter. But later that evening police called both sets of parents again and told them to take the boys to the police station where they would be formally arrested."

Useless law: "The Anson County Sheriff's Office will not press charges against a woman who killed her husband Wednesday after weeks of domestic violence against her. Joy Burgess had a protective order against estranged husband Brian Gathings. Gathings had been convicted of threatening Burgess before, and jailed several times for charges of violence against her. But as with other recent domestic violence killings, none of it was enough to keep her safe. When Gathings broke down his wife's back door with a shovel Wednesday, Burgess had reason to fear him, said Anson County Sheriff Tommy Allen. Burgess shot Gathings once in the chest, killing him."

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