Saturday, December 11, 2004

Clerk shoots robbery suspect: "A gas station clerk fought back when a suspect tried to rob her store. The Franklin County sheriff's department says Desmond Thompson walked into a Sunoco station on Cleveland Avenue around 7:30 Sunday morning, and told the clerk he had a gun while demanding cash. The cashier gave him the money, but pulled a gun and shot Thompson when he told her to step out from behind the counter."

Mother tells of shooting son in self defense: "Dixie Shunk says she can't even remember picking up the shotgun that January night two winters ago. One second, her hands were empty. The next, the gun was there, the stock wedged under her arm and her finger reaching for the trigger. He was coming directly at her, she says, and she jerked the barrel up to meet him. She said her son was screaming: 'I'm killing you! I'm killing you right now! And I'm killing the rest of them, too!' ... The Rev. Joe 'Bud' Lawson, who has known Dixie for 40 years, says that the decision to prosecute her for her son's death was wrong. ... 'Dixie had a choice,' he said. 'She could do what she did or she could lose her whole family. It was just that simple.'"

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