Monday, January 24, 2005


For the eighth time this month, bat-wielding young men attacked someone walking alone at night on a Nassau street, usually punching and pummeling the victim with the weapon during a robbery, police said. The same type of crime has occurred in six Nassau communities over a span of 20 days. Nassau police are urging residents and merchants to be careful when walking through the streets or making deliveries. The latest incident occurred about 8 p.m. Thursday in Roosevelt in front of 82 Manhattan Ave., when a worker for Freeport-based Papa John's Pizzeria made a delivery, said police spokesman Sgt. Anthony Repalone. The 24-year-old deliveryman gave the food to two girls who were about 15, Repalone said. That's when the two men, each about 25, attacked from behind, punching the deliveryman and hitting him with a bat. Police said the two men and two girls ran behind the house after taking the deliveryman's money and food.

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Ulster: New gun laws to cut restrictions: "New firearms legislation that relaxes some restrictions on guns will come into effect at the beginning of February, the Northern Ireland Office has announced. Under the new law certificates for holding firearms will be extended from three years to five years, although the NIO says renewals will be more 'rigorous.' The new law also says low-powered air rifles, paintball guns and de-activated guns will no longer require certificates, and there are provisions to allow shotguns and estate rifles to be loaned out. New firearm holders will be required to demonstrate they can shoot safely, as will shooters already holding a certificate but wishing 'to acquire a firearm of a significantly different type.'"

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