Friday, January 28, 2005


There is a factual bias against states which trust their law-abiding citizens to actively provide for the common defense through the issuing of concealed carry permits. These citizens have been proven to be more law-abiding than average. For example, in Florida, 2,675 concealed carry licenses have been revoked due to crime after issuance between October 1987 and December 2004, out of 340,288 valid licenses. This is a crime rate of 786.1 per 100,000, while Florida�s overall crime rate (violent and property crimes) in 2003 was 5182.3. The average Floridian is 6.6 times more likely to be involved in crime than a concealed carry permit holder.

An analysis of the arrest rates for all Texans over age 21 found that they are about 7.5 times more likely to be arrested than concealed permit holders. Brady Campaign�s alleged concern about �gun violence prevention laws� amounts to nothing more than an unsubstantiated premise that concealed carry laws contribute to violence.

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How to ignore the evidence in one easy lesson: "Sherlock Holmes could teach deductive reasoning to the National Academy of Sciences. Holmes, the quintessential detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, knew that by eliminating all other factors, the remaining one must be the truth. An NAS panel created during the Clinton administration -- and infested with gun-grabbers -- issued a 328-page report on gun control. It studied hundreds of articles, books, government publications, gun-control laws and its own empirical work. But its exhaustive study -- analyzing the former ban on so-called assault weapons, the Brady Act, one-gun-a-month buying restrictions and gun locks -- could not identify any benefits of gun control. Crime was not reduced. Accidents were not lessened. But after studying each specific issue, the panel's inductive reasoning only concluded that more study was needed. Citizens in more than 30 states may carry concealed weapons legally. If they were injuring others or themselves, it surely would have produced front-page, above-the-fold stories with screaming, large-type headlines. Mr. Holmes also knew what silence could say. Because the guard dog did not bark in 'Silver Blaze,' Holmes easily deduced the truth about a horse thief. Since the panel's findings leave proponents speechless, deducing the truth about gun control is just as easy. Elementary, actually."

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