Friday, January 21, 2005

Virginia: Victim disarmament rules at Capitol raise ire: "Hundreds of people file into the Capitol every day to visit their state legislators. Some bring paperwork. Some bring cupcakes. Some bring guns. In the past, rules about firearms in the Capitol and adjoining legislative office building were virtually non-existent. People with concealed weapons were required to show their permits, but those who openly carried pistols walked past Capitol Police officers, no questions asked. This year, new rules ban any public display of firearms, effectively barring anyone who has not been approved for a concealed weapon permit. The restrictions have angered gun-rights groups and even some lawmakers, who are trying to rescind the regulations."

Borrowed gun saves the day: "The Toluca homeowner who shot and killed a drunken intruder in late October had just borrowed the gun from a friend and practiced using it the day before the shooting, a Marshall County coroner's jury was told Friday. Homeowner Bradley Burns had been threatened recently during an unrelated fight at a bar where he worked part time as a bouncer, and a friend loaned him the 9-millimeter pistol with which he fatally shot Douglas A. Sullivan on Oct. 26. ... The jury ruled the death 'homicide, which was justifiable under the circumstances.'"

Second Amendment activist fights to open gun range: "It all started in La Grange, Kentucky when local residents ganged up on Second Amendment activist and real estate developer, Barry Laws. Laws, a resident of Los Angeles County, wants to restore an abandoned building into an indoor shooting and paintball range. Nearby residents have, oddly enough, taken a position you might expect from a city like Los Angeles where the U.S. Constitution is regularly denigrated. Anti-gunners in La Grange claim that the range's proximity to a nearby apartment complex and bus stop jeopardizes the safety of the children. They have taken steps to prevent the range from opening and have alerted local media. And, if we know anti-gunners, the organizing, protesting and whining won't stop until they have successfully stomped the life out of the Second Amendment."

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