Friday, February 25, 2005

California: Gun makers aim at "junk" lawsuits: "Its wallet lighter after dropping more than $200 million to fight what it termed a 'junk lawsuit,' the firearms industry will turn to Congress for help in preventing future legal attacks on gun makers. A San Francisco-based California appellate court basically said last week that the gun industry is not to blame for the actions of criminals. It upheld San Diego Superior Court Judge Vincent P. DiFiglia's original ruling in which he dismissed claims against the firearms industry by Los Angeles, San Francisco and 12 other California cities."

Montana: Wells seeks greater self-defense protection: "Wells' House Bill 693 would make it legal for a person to display a weapon in self-defense, as long as the weapon is pointing away from the other person. It also orders law-enforcement officers to thoroughly investigate a crime to turn up evidence of self-defense if that is used as a plea, and it forces employers who prohibit employees from defending themselves with guns to provide a level of security they would have otherwise enjoyed. ... Under Wells' bill, law-enforcement officers would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person wasn't engaged in self-defense.'

Illinois: Protesters often have ulterior motives: "Chicagoans are protesting the Second Amendment rights of neighboring communities again. About 90 protesters staged a rally at Bell's Gun and Sport Shop in northwest suburban Franklin Park recently. They represented Chicago-based United Power for Action and Justice. I asked Dowling what they hoped to accomplish by protesting the two gun shops. He said he wanted state licensing and a limit of one firearm per 30-day period per person. ... The Illinois State Police already licenses and regulates firearm owners through the issuance of firearm owners identification cards. ... Dowling also wanted government oversight and inspection of gun shop records. Both stores have already been investigated and received a clean stamp of approval. The protesters have already accomplished their wish list. What do you think would really make them happy?"

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