Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Study raises alarm on 1st Amendment, but what about 2nd?: "Schools don't do enough to teach the Second Amendment. In many cases, they don't do anything at all. That's a problem the Second Amendment Foundation has been addressing for more than three decades, and it has been an uphill battle. In today's politically correct classroom environment, it's virtually taboo to talk about firearms, and showing an interest in guns can get your photo banned from the high school yearbook, as happened this year to a New Hampshire student who wanted to appear with his skeet gun and shooting vest in his official senior class portrait."

The last refuge of hate: "People who are terrified of and hate guns -- hoplophobes -- don't care about anything rational, and we waste our time on such arguments. They want guns to go away. They don't trust guns. They don't trust people who have guns, and especially people who like guns. The only exception is 'official' people with guns, meaning, they're from the government, a source of relief. I know, I know, that's irrational. But that's the nature of the disease, and it will not be fixed by DOJ reports. The more intelligent of the hoplophobes may give up their you-have-no-rights argument due to the DOJ report, but it won't stop them one bit."

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