Saturday, February 26, 2005

Taking down outlaws "In their new book, 'Outgunned: True Stories of Citizens Who Stood Up to Outlaws and Won,' the Waters brothers collected accounts of ordinary people taking down the bad men. ... George Birdwell, a member of the 'Pretty Boy' Floyd gang, thought the ... Bank in the all-black town of Boley, Okla., would be easy pickings. But Birdwell and two partners made the mistake of trying to rob the bank on the opening day of hunting season ... the town was filled with armed black farmers. ... dozens of townsmen opened fire ... as they tried to escape, killing one and wounding and capturing the other. Most Americans aren't aware of these stories, Robert Waters said, because of political correctness: We have been taught that guns are evil and used so often for wrong, he said, we forget that they can also be used for right"

Indonesia: Freed skipper sticking to his guns: "Chris Packer says it is still too early to know if three months locked in a cell has made any lasting changes to him, but the experience has done nothing to alter his view that guns are essential on a boat like his. 'They were more trouble than they were worth on this trip,' the champion sailer agreed on completing his prison sentence for failing to declare six weapons. 'But I will always take guns. If I had not had guns on this boat I'd be dead.' His firearms are due to be returned to his 55-metre converted Baltic grain carrier, Lissa, today, and soon after Mr Packer will head south to Australia. ... He was determined yesterday to keep saying nice things about his captors and tried to say nothing critical of them or the Indonesian legal system. But he hinted he might say more once he was safely out of the country."

Maryland: Student accused of having gun in school: "A 14-year-old student was in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Services on Thursday for allegedly possessing a BB gun, suspected marijuana and tobacco products at James M. Bennett High School. Early Tuesday morning the Fruitland boy went to school, showed the gun to his peers, became scared and fled the building, said Allen Brown, an assistant superintendent of Wicomico County public schools. Officers took him into custody later that day when he returned to meet his ride, Brown said. According to the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, the ninth-grader was being detained Thursday at the Department of Juvenile Services on Naylor Mill Road. ... The student will appear before a Wicomico County Circuit Court judge who will then decide if he should be released to his parents or continue to be detained, said Lt. Mike Elliot of the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office."

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