Sunday, February 13, 2005


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From the BBC - in the heart of TOTALLY GUN-CONTROLLED UK:
(these are BBC HEADLINES ONLY for the last month)

1 Knifeman grabs money in robbery - A robber wielding a knife threatens shop staff and grabs money from the till.

2 A man who murdered his partner in front of her two daughters has been jailed for life at Cardiff Crown Court. Paul Viner, 45, stabbed Donna Brough, 39, to death with a sheath knife at her home in Tylorstown, Rhondda, after she returned home late from a night out.

3 Fresh efforts to cut knife crime - Proposals aimed at helping Scottish police reduce knife crime are setout by ministers at Holyrood.

4 Men held after house knife raid - Police in Grimsby arrest two men in connection with an raid at a house in Nunsthorpe.

5 Knife held to customer's throat - A man holds a knife to a customer's throat during a robbery at a Tyneside petrol station.

6 Armed robbery at service station - Police hunt two men who robbed a petrol service station armed with a handgun and knife.

7 Armed robber holds up nightclub - A hooded robber armed with a knife holds up a nightclub in Derby.

8 Man has knife held to his throat - Two men hold a knife to a man's throat during an assault in a street in Cumbria.

9 Knife-crime battle is stepped up - Police patrols aim to crack down on knife crime in a north London borough.

10 Diamond robber photofit released - Police release an image of a suspected jewellery robber who threatened a couple with a knife.

11 Man with knife robs betting shop - Police are hunting a man armed with a knife who robbed a betting shop in County Durham.

12 Men's sex attack on woman in car - A woman was sexually assaulted by two men carrying a knife who got into her car in central London.

13 Knife gang assaults man in park - A man is punched and threatened by a gang of four as he walks home through a Northampton park.

14 Man still in custody over knifing - Police continue to question a 24-year-old Grimsby man over the stabbing of a New Year's Eve partygoer.

15 Knife attack on video shop staff - A member of staff at a video shop in Rushden is threatened with a knife during a robbery.

16 Man in court over knife rampage - A man appears in court charged with murder and five counts of attempted murder following knife attacks in London.

This PROVES that criminals will commit crimes with whatever weapon they can get their hands on - OFTEN GUNS, OFTEN KNIVES - and that GUN CONTROL does nothing to reduce violent crime, EXCEPT guarantee that potential victims - who are generally law-abiding citizens - will not have the means to defend themselves against vicious thugs.

An armed citizenry is a bulwark against thuggery.

As the song asks: "When will they ever learn when will they ever learn?"

And check what T.A.T. editor Thomas Lifson has to say about gun control.

FLASH!!!! UPDATE!!!!! THIS JUST IN: FOXNEWS reports that there's been another stabbing in London - at a stampede near a midnight grand opening for a new IKEA! FOX: "The stabbing victim, a man in his 20s, was attacked at around 1:30 a.m. near the IKEA store, a spokeswoman for London's Metropolitan Police said, adding that his condition did not appear life-threatening."

WELL,WELL... I guess the nanny-state Lefties will have to ban knives now - but remember: it's for our own good -- like the banning of our guns, and the banning of our right to smoke in public, and the bannng of hunting with packs of hounds.

After the knife ban goes into effect, I guess all the food in the UK will have to be PRE-CHEWED! Well, we'll just have to get used it: it's for our own good, after all - and THEY know better what's for our own good, DON'T THEY!?

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