Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Gun rights are important to have a free and safe society: "It's sad to think that there are those in the United States who regard this basic right to self-defense with suspicion or outright contempt. Ironically, it is very often in the most crime-ridden areas that the average citizen is legally banned from carrying a handgun for self-defense ... I could, of course, make a long argument in favor of an armed citizenry from the standpoint of pushing off oppressive government, but we've long since been conditioned by public schools and the corporate media to shut up and do as we're told."

Complex issue requires complex solutions: "The ideal is to control your own self-defense, which often devolves into an issue of skill. In some circumstances, self-defense could mean a gun in the hands of a trained and conscientious owner. Of course, gun ownership may not be an appropriate solution for domestic violence, which may be better answered by assertiveness training or other forms of self-defense, including the act of leaving. Neverless, the point remains: a willingness to defend yourself and acquiring that ability is the responsibility of every individual."

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