Friday, August 18, 2006

CT: Montville split over gun law: "A battle is brewing about the mayor's proposed ordinance aimed at regulating target shooting. Proponents say they are concerned about residents' safety. Some of the ordinance's opponents say it prohibits all shooting in town and takes away their self-defense rights. The Town Council is expected to decide Monday night whether to move the proposed ordinance, which has gained the attention of the National Rifle Association, forward to a public hearing. The ordinance was proposed after it was discovered the state regulates hunting, but not target shooting."

Control-Freak News: "It's been a busy week for the Control Freaks, and if history is any indicator, it will get very much worse before it gets better! My own comments -- if any, are in italics preceding each of the stories. Gun Control Items: So far as I am concerned, anyone who says that the right to self-defence doesn't exist, should be refused any and all manner of assistance when in dire straights [sic]. If one doesn't belief in self-preservation (self-defence is the first nature), then any assistance at all would be a violation of that person's right to die, however miserably -- regardless of whatever remonstration otherwise."

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