Thursday, August 03, 2006

Indian doctors turn to guns in self-defence: "Faced with increasing threats from kidnappers, doctors in Agra will undergo training of a different kind learning the use of firearms for self-defence. The doctors will spend more time at the shooting range than in their clinics when a programme drawn up by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) is implemented early next month. After a spate of abductions by criminal gangs, the doctors have been holding emergency sessions for the past week and meeting politicians and district authorities to work out a foolproof security arrangement. Over 60 doctors have applied for licences for firearms. They will start practising at the firing range near Dayalbagh, developed at the initiative of Municipal Commissioner Shyam Singh Yadav. The doctors this week met Yadav, who is also the coach of the Indian shooting team, and requested him to allow them to use the shooting range.... In the past two years, at least a dozen doctors have either received threats or have been abducted."

Stupid Maryland kids could have got themselves killed: "Montgomery County police charged two Bethesda teenagers with first-degree assault, alleging that they pointed toy guns at a 29-year-old female driver who had honked her horn to alert the boys' father that he had a green light. Police said the 13- and 16-year-old teenagers pointed the fake weapons -- an "Uzi-type" gun and a handgun -- July 27 near Westlake Drive and Tuckerman Lane in Bethesda. Police spotted their car near the boys' home, in the 12100 block of Bentridge Place. The boys' father told police that he knew the toy guns were in the vehicle but that he wasn't aware that his sons had pointed them at the Rockville woman, police said. The boys were released to the custody of their father and were not identified because they were charged as juveniles."

A good week in the House: "On Tuesday, GOA-supported legislation passed the House of Representatives by a whopping 322-99 vote. The bill -- introduced by Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) -- is similar to the Vitter amendment which passed the Senate earlier this month. GOA has kept its members abreast of Jindal's important bill (HR 5013), as it would legislatively block federal agents from confiscating firearms during an emergency. Jindal's language would even give aggrieved gun owners a cause of action in federal court to recover their firearms and would recompense victorious plaintiffs for their attorney's fees."

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