Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OR: Wife won't be tried in husband's death: "A 50-year-old Milwaukie woman who said she killed her husband during an argument over a child he'd fathered with another woman will not be prosecuted. A spokesman for the Clackamas County district attorney's office said Wednesday that after a seven-month investigation by police and prosecutors his office believes Rose Perez killed Juan Gabriel Perez Solis, 36, in self-defense as he was beating her with a stick. ... Authorities learned Juan Perez was dead after a hysterical Rose Perez ran to a neighbor's house about 7:30 p.m. Jan. 19 to say she'd shot her husband with a rifle .... Juan Perez wasfound dead from a bullet wound to the chest in the couple's kitchen. He was holding a wooden dowel or stick in his hand, and Rose Perez's hair was intertwined in his fingers as though he'd pulled it from her head, Horner said.Rose Perez told investigators that she and her husband had been arguing because he told her he was going to move out of their home and into the home of their daughter-in-law, who was pregnant with Juan Perez's child. Horner said the couple's argument was considered as a possible motive for murder, but investigators also saw that Rose Perez had been badly beaten."

Guns and children: "Jane E. Brody's column claiming that people should store their guns locked and unloaded is dangerous advice and will lead to more deaths ('Is Your Child a Split Second from Disaster?'). Her discussion focuses on accidental gun deaths in the home, but 85 percent of the fatality number she misleadingly points to involve homicides. Surely a concern, but locking up guns in law-abiding homes is unrelated to stopping drug gangs from murdering one another. Despite her claim, adult males with criminal records and histories of alcoholism or drugs are the ones firing the guns that accidentally kill most young children. Gun locks won't stop adult criminals from firing their own guns, but they will prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves."

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