Monday, August 28, 2006

South Africa: Man shoots, kills burglar: "A home owner shot dead a burglar in his house at Sundra near Delmas, Mpumalanga police said on Tuesday. Inspector Thabiso Ncongwane said two men broke into Nicholas Botha's house on Monday morning. Botha was woken up by noise and found the pair trying to steal from him. "Botha, 38 , fired two shots with his 3.57 rifle and (hit) one of the suspects in his chest." The man died at the scene. Ncongwane said the other suspect managed to escape but that fingerprints left at the scene would help police to find him. "Botha was not arrested as it was self-defence, but the prosecutor will make the final decision on the matter," he said."

OH: Rape victim gets practical: "Twenty-three years ago three men broke into Cathy Lindsey's Middletown home, tied her up and raped her. Now she's steeling her nerves and preparing herself for two of those men to be released from prison. She still has nightmares and rarely leaves her house alone. Lindsey says she's ready but also scared for her safety because one of the men, Richard Reed, Jr., plans to return to her community after he's released Monday. Some counselors recommend joining support groups and filing restraining orders. Lindsey filed the orders and is preparing to take things into her own hands if need be. She's learning self defense and her husband has taught her how to shoot".

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