Monday, August 14, 2006

TX: Suspect wounded in robbery attempt: "A man trying to rob a store was shot and wounded by the store clerk in southeast Dallas on Monday night, police said. The shooting took place about 9 p.m. at Mr. C's Food Mart in the 3700 block of Simpson Stuart Road. A man walked into the store, grabbed a box of candy bars and demanded money, police said. The clerk pulled a gun and chased him out of the store, firing and hitting him. The man collapsed on the sidewalk across the street."

The sanity of self-defense: "I have been called numerous things in the many years I have spent embroiled in various causes; but, until a couple of years ago I had never been called a gun wacko. Oddly enough I was labeled as such because of something I wrote that advocated individuals taking responsibility for their own defense. Because I encourage people to educate themselves in the area of self-defense, to avoid finding themselves at the mercy of criminals and over-zealous bureaucrats, I was labeled a gun nut. So, that is how it is these days? If you encourage people to defend themselves, you are some sort of mentally-challenged individual best suited for a private, padded room? My how times have changed."

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