Monday, January 01, 2007

TN: Clerk pulls handgun on robber: "A would-be-robber got more than he bargained for from behind the counter of a local convenience store. At about 2:47 Wednesday morning, Kingsport Police responded to Central Chevron and Food Mart, 220 Carolina Pottery Drive. The clerk stated a white male [WHITE! The only time color can be mentioned!] entered the store with a knife and demanded all the money. But, according to police, at this point the clerk pulled a handgun from behind the counter. When he told the suspect to leave, he lunged towards the clerk. One shot was fired in to the air, spooking the robber, who then fled empty-handed."

So much for gun control: "The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership has released rankings on gun control in the various states, and the results are interesting when correlated violent crime statistics. Brady has issued grades for states. These grades are gun control rankings from A to F, with an A indicating more gun control and more in line with Brady's goals. Strangely, most of the increase in violent crime occurred in states that earned higher Brady rankings."

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