Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Australia: Would-be robber shot in buttocks by security guard: "A man was shot in the buttocks and leg after he and an accomplice allegedly threatened a security guard with a gun at a Sydney factory last night. The 24-year-old security guard was leaving the complex in Arncliffe in Sydney's south about 7.15pm (AEST) when a car pulled up next to him and one of two masked men pointed a gun at him, police said. When the guard drew his own gun, the car's passenger got out and ran off. The car then sped away while being peppered with gunshots. Some two hours later, police were called after two men appeared at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, one with gunshot wounds to the buttocks and right leg. An 23-year-old was in hospital under police guard while a 24-year-old Belmore man was being questioned by police"

Arizona Store Owner Holds Suspected Burglars At Gunpoint: "Two Florida men were arrested in Ash Fork after Yavapai County sheriff's deputies found them being held at gunpoint in the parking lot of a Texaco gas station, a sheriff's office spokeswoman said. Deputies were called to the Texaco around 12:30 a.m. Monday on reports of a burglary in progress. When they arrived, they said they found the owner of the store holding 49-year-old Juan Luis Ruiz and 38-year-old Angel Borges Sanchez at gunpoint. The owner told the deputies he'd found the men at the diesel pumps with the service panel off. The men had keys to the panel that no one but a technician should have had, deputies said. According to deputies, the men said they'd had trouble getting their credit cards to work, but neither man was found in possession of credit cards or any other form of payment. Ruiz and Sanchez were arrested on charges of felony trespass, possession of burglary tools and third-degree burglary. Bond for each was set at $25,000."

Philadelphia Man Acquitted After Pulling Gun at Football Game: "A Philadelphia judge has found a pistol-packing parent of a "peewee" football player was justified in pulling his gun on a substitute coach who was beating him during a sidelines altercation during a game in the Burholme section of Northeast Philadelphia last October ... . The defense conceded that defendant Wayne Durkotch pulled out a gun, but said it was in self-defense after he was beaten to the ground by the coach. Defense attorney Brian Quinn: "He is someone who has a permit to carry, he's licensed to carry. He only pulled the gun when he was in fear of dying. He was getting beat. He acted responsibly. Once he pulled the weapon, he put it away right away after the situation cleared. He waited for the police as he should have done." But coach Jermaine Wilson, who was filling in as coach that day, testified that parents including Durkotch were hollering and cursing him and that Durkotch had pushed him, and that's when he started hitting Durkotch. The judge has found Durkotch not guilty of all charges, but the judge said he was extremely disappointed to see all of this happen around children, who are five, six, and seven years old."

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