Saturday, April 14, 2007

SC: Man glad he didn't "freeze up" for intruders: ""A judge has refused to grant bond to two men accused of breaking into a Charleston Highway home in February, including the man deputies say was shot by the homeowner. ... That decision from the bench came after 1st Circuit Assistant Solicitor Bryan Jeffries asked the court deny bond to the trio accused in the Feb. 20 invasion of the Charleston Highway home of 80-year-old Newman 'Ted' Jackson. ... Prior to Wednesday's hearing, Jackson talked about that night and his decision to pull the trigger, which apparently stopped the incident from going further. ... But it was that moment of decision Jackson was questioned about, the moment he decided to fire. A man brandishing a weapon that looked like an automatic kicked open his bedroom door moments after he'd retrieved one of several handguns he owns. 'When he saw my gun, he said, 'Whoa!,' like that,' Jackson said. 'He was going at 90 mph to get out of there.' It was decision time. 'I thought for a second, 'What if he gets clear and then turns around and shoots up my house with that submachine,' Jackson said. 'Oh, hell no. 'Boop!' I shot.'"

IL: Gun-haters try to shut down range: "A judge toured a shooting range today that lies within a glide path of Scott Air Force Base and poses a potential danger to planes and participants, according to St. Clair County officials who want to close it. But the president of the Caseyville Rifle & Pistol Club told St. Clair County Associate Judge James Radcliffe as he toured the enclosed site on the edge of Mascoutah that if rules are followed it would be impossible for a bullet to leave the confines of the range. ... The operation of the range is currently the focus of an eminent domain lawsuit brought by the county on grounds that the operation of a shooting facility so near to a flight path poses danger from bullets hitting aircraft, and people on the ground being killed by a crashing airplane."

West Virginia woman shoots dog she claims attacked her: "A woman in a trailer park shot a dog that she claimed was attacking her while she got out of her car Wednesday night. The woman, who lives out on Howells Mill Road, reported to Cabell County Sheriff's that two German shepherd dogs approached her near her vehicle and became very aggressive. Officers said the woman apparently shot one of the dogs with a .38 revolver, leaving it wounded and causing the other one to run off at the time of the report. No arrests were made and the owners of the dogs were not present at the time. The woman and neighborhood witnesses told officers that the landlord has warned the owners about leaving their dogs without a leash. Officers notified Animal Control about the two dogs."

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