Wednesday, April 11, 2007


"The West Sunset Drive man who set a trap to catch the person he said was stealing from him faced another burglar Saturday morning. This time, the 78-year-old William Kenneth McComas lost the struggle for the gun and sustained muscle strains and bruises on the back, neck and head. He was treated and released from WRH Health Systems, where he was transported by Rittman Emergency Medical Services. A few hours after the incident, Casey Wood, 18, of Fairlawn Avenue, and Charles Mattingly, 21, of Fourth Street, were arrested, police Chief Larry Boggs said. Wood is being held on a burglary charge with a $10,000 bond, while Mattingly faces a charge of receiving stolen property and $5,000 bond.

Saturday's incident is the second time in a week McComas faced an intruder, but police say it appears to be unrelated. On March 31, McComas waited in the dark with a handgun and a telephone for a man he suspected of stealing from his home. Chris Lively, 26, of Front Street, was arrested in that incident. McComas held a gun on Lively until the police arrived a few minutes later.

The most recent incident began about 6:30 a.m., by McComas' recollection. He heard someone hitting the newly installed unbreakable glass on his kitchen door. He said he looked out the window to see if there was a car in his driveway, but saw none and went back to bed. Moments later, the wood on the kitchen door gave way to a kick, and an intruder burst into McComas' bedroom door.

Later at the police station, McComas identified the man who he saw in the bedroom as Wood. He recalled performing Wood's father's wedding some years before and remembered meeting the young man, he said. The police press release said Wood and Mattingly entered the home, but McComas said he remembers seeing only Wood. When Wood burst in the bedroom door, he called McComas by name and shouted to give him his money and billfold, McComas said.

McComas said he pulled a firearm out from under the bedcovers, but was holding the barrel. The intruder struggled for the gun. McComas let go because he was afraid the younger man would shoot him, McComas said. He said his body was twisted during the struggle, resulting in the bruises and muscle strains.

The man threatened to kill him and claimed to be on crack, McComas said. The intruder left with about $500 in cash, medication and the handgun, McComas said. McComas dialed for the police as Wood walked out the door. He recalled Wood turning around, spying the phone and calling out, "I love you, Kenny." Four police officers arrived two minutes after getting the call at 6:38 a.m., Boggs said.

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Georgia store clerk shoots would-be robber: "Macon Police are investigating an attempted armed robbery at the BP Station on Eisenhower Parkway. The incident happened Tuesday morning at 8:30. The store clerk told officers he shot the would-be robber after he allegedly entered the business, displayed a weapon, and demanded money. The suspect then ran from the business. Shortly after the robbery, police received a call from the Houston Coliseum Hospital Emergency Room about a gunshot victim. When police arrived they found the gun shot victim was the armed robber from the BP Station. The 20-year-old Macon man is being treated for a gun shot wound to the wrist. He is in stable condition."

Pink Pistols: The gay group that's getting armed: "On a crisp Sunday morning, Nicki Stallard closes one mascara-coated eye and focuses intently on her target. Her long fingers are wrapped around the handle of a Colt .45; black go-go boots hug her muscular legs, which are firmly set in shooting stance. As she rapidly fires off rounds of ammunition, shells fall to the ground, rolling under her stacked platform heels. Nicki Stallard isn't your average lady. She was born a man. Stallard, who has been living as a woman for the past year and a half, is the coordinator of the San Jose chapter of the Pink Pistols -- a national organization that encourages gay, lesbian and transgender people to arm themselves to prevent hate crimes. Part social gun club, part political platform, the group's slogans are, 'Armed gays don't get bashed' and 'Pick on someone your own caliber.'"

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