Friday, April 27, 2007

Georgia homeowner fights back: "A violent break-in in South Augusta happened shortly before four-thirty this morning, on the 37-hundred block of Lexington drive -- that's just off Rosier Road in South Augusta. The homeowner was no easy mark. She fought back against her attacker. It looks like the victim stopped the suspect in his tracks. The victim is a 57 year old woman who lives alone. But that only made her more prepared to protect herself. Even though she was abruptly awakened while asleep, it didn't take long for her to come to her senses and take aim at the suspect who turned out to be a neighbor. The Mount Vernon subdivision is usually quiet, but that peace was broken in this Lexington Drive home this morning. Detectives say 19 year old Justin Brent Haynie got into his neighbors home while she slept and put a knife to her throat. Sgt. Calvin Chew, Richmond County Sheriff's Office: "He jumped on the bed and he started trying to cover her mouth because she was shouting." During the struggle Sergeant Calvin Chew says the victim, a 57 year old woman who lives alone somehow managed to grab her .357 off the nightstand. That was something haynie didn't know. Detectives say as haynie walked behind her with a knife to her neck, she quickly spun around and shot him in the stomach. Haynie grabbed her gun and ran. But he didn't get far.... The victim wasn't seriously hurt, just a few scratches on her neck... Haynie is in serious condition in a local hospital. He's expected to be o.k. A list of charges is waiting on him when he gets out."

Pennsylvania robber shot in struggle: " A man who witnesses said tried to rob two people Thursday afternoon in Germantown has died of gunshots suffered during the struggle, police said. NBC 10 reported that a neighbor had gone to visit a friend on the 400 block of East Woodlawn Street around 2:30 p.m. and the incident happened when he came out of the house. "When he came outside of the house, a young man jumped up on the porch and approached them, and had a gun, and was attempting to rob them, and then during the robbery and a struggle went on and the gun discharged," said Sam Brackeen, a friend of the neighbor. The alleged would-be robber was shot in the head and chest and rushed to Einstein Medical Center. Police said they are classifying the incident as a homicide and are still investigating"

Georgia man acquitted in shooting death: "A Brunswick man has been acquitted in the shooting death of another man in the parking lot of a Glynn County apartment complex two years ago. Moses Emanuel Walker, who testified that he acted in self-defense, was found not guilty of murder and voluntary manslaughter charges in the death of Darrell Hobbs, 27, of Brunswick on Nov. 9, 2005, outside Camelia Apartments, 5800 Altama Ave. A Glynn County jury deliberated about five and a half hours before acquitting Walker, 26. The verdict Wednesday night ended a trial that began April 18. Hobbs was shot twice at close range with a .40-caliber Glock semiautomatic pistol. Walker was seated at the steering wheel of his car when he shot Hobbs who was standing outside at the driver's door, a Glynn County police investigation showed. The shooting occurred during an argument about a woman, according to the investigation. Walker testified that he believed Hobbs had a gun, and shot him as he appeared to be reaching for the weapon. Hobbs had a criminal record, including convictions in 2004 for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana. He also had been convicted of sale of cocaine in 1997, Georgia Department of Corrections records show. Glynn police records show Walker had been identified as a suspect in six complaints reporting either family violence or public disturbances from 2002 through 2005."

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