Tuesday, April 10, 2007

May I be Frank? "'I do not carry guns on planes, I carry two guns,' Jackson, Miss., Mayor Frank Melton told WLBT Channel 3 reporters, according to the Jackson Free Press, which related the mayor 'admitting that he had carried a weapon on almost every commercial flight for years.' ... Unauthorized carrying of firearms aboard commercial airliners is a federal felony. Would you or I be 'asked?' ... And then there's this little matter of the Second Amendment. It's not like Frank is asserting his right to keep and bear arms as a matter of Constitutional principle. He just wants his guns, and the hell with everybody else. You see, Frank is not only a member of Michael Bloomberg's cabal of anti-gun mayors stumping for more citizen disarmament laws, but he also wrote an executive order to ban gun shows in Jackson, Miss., along with closing down gunshops. Which brings me back to my original question. May I be Frank? Or at least enjoy all the privileges and immunities that have been afforded him? If the answer is 'no,' then there's only one word for such inequity, and it's something no American should ever tolerate: Tyranny."

ID: Red's fight draws national support: "When Ryan Horsley created a petition to demand that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives discontinue the way it treats licensed firearms dealers, he never thought it would receive this kind of response. Within three weeks of posting it online, he received more than 2,200 signatures from people throughout Idaho and the United States. It includes the names of business owners, political figures, concerned citizens and those who are just simply fed up with the bureau's treatment of local gun shops. 'I wasn't expecting this type of response, but this really is not a Red's Trading Post issue. This is an issue that affects everyone,' Horsley said. 'We keep losing local gun stores left and right because of things like this.'"

Ohio cab driver shoots assailant: "A man is critically injured and a cab driver is undergoing treatment after an early-morning shooting on Vine Street on Monday morning. Police said the cab driver told them he was dropping off a fare across from Veterans Hospital in the 3200 block of Vine Street when the man began assaulting him. The cab driver said the man took money from him during the assault. The cab driver told officers that he pulled a gun and shot the man in self-defense. The man was transported to University Hospital with life-threatening injuries. His name has not been released.

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Ryan Horsley said...

Here is the latest story in our saga:

Red's back ... for now; judge finds fault with ATF findings
By Cassidy Friedman
Times-News writer
TWIN FALLS - Try peeling the smile off Ryan Horsley's face.

A federal judge has - for now - given his family their gun shop back.

A federal agency revoked Red's Trading Post's right to buy and trade guns again after finding the gun shop had committed errors in its gun sales.

But U.S. District Judge Edward J. Lodge ruled Monday that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had exaggerated and omitted some of its findings used to justify revoking Red's license.

And Lodge granted Red's March 20 request to stall the ATF's sanctions until he reaches a final decision on whether revoking Red's license was legal.

"It was a great decision," Horsley said. "I am ecstatic. I was just waiting. For nearly two months this has been exhausting."

Horsley, whose gun inventory had dropped from 1,000 to 160 guns, is reopening suspended accounts - both on the distributor side and in advertising. His largest distributor agreed to hold $200,000 of merchandise while the dispute goes to court. Now, Horsley is hoping his sales, which had reached their pinnacle in more than 70 years of business, will spark back up.

Lodge wrote:

• "The ATF speaks of violations found during the inspections of 2000 and 2005, but fails to reveal that additional investigations in 2001 and 2007 revealed no violations or problems."

• Some violations had been counted twice.

• "Granting the preliminary injunction would not place the public's safety in jeopardy."

• Between the hardships Lodge's ruling would cause the ATF and Red's, "the relative hardships tip sharply in favor of Red's."

Lodge's injunction grants Red's full operation status until Lodge makes a final ruling at an unscheduled future hearing.

"I have been getting all these calls from distributors and manufacturers, and everyone else, just congratulating us. You should see my inbox right now," Horsley said. "Getting all our advertising back in place, getting all our orders set, arranging - it's just kind of nuts. It's not over yet."

Cassidy Friedman covers crime and courts. He can be reached at (208)735-3241 or by e-mail at cfriedman@magicvalley.com.