Thursday, November 01, 2007

California Man Acquitted In 2 Shooting Deaths: "A man charged with murdering his then-18-year-old girlfriend and her brother more than three years ago was acquitted by a jury in the shooting deaths, his attorney said Wednesday. Daniel Kenric Karlsons, 30, was found not guilty of two counts of murder and one count each of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon in a verdict returned late Tuesday at the Larson Justice Center, according to defense attorney Arnold Lieman. Jurors believed Lieman's argument that the killings were in self-defense. Elizabeth Morales and her 25-year-old brother Roberto Morales Jr. were fatally shot in February 2004 while sitting in an Acura on Long Canyon Road east of Desert Hot Springs. "My argument throughout the trial was self-defense," Lieman said. "Roberto Morales took a shot at my client before he got shot." Karlsons and the siblings were in the Acura with a fourth person when he and Roberto Morales got into a dispute over Karlsons' treatment of his sister. "Roberto was intoxicated, and I think the liquor took over causing him to act irrationally," Lieman said. Bullet casings found in the front of the Acura and gunshot residue found on Roberto Morales' hands may have swayed the jury in favor of acquittal, Lieman said."

Alabama Business Owner Shoots Burglar: "Two brothers are behind bars after one of them was shot while allegedly trying to break into an Enterprise business Tuesday night. Police identify the suspects as 21-year-old Contrell McReynolds and 19-year old Donwone Frazier. Both have been charged with burglary. They are accused of trying to kick in a side-door at Fred's feed and seed on Park Avenue just before midnight. But the owner was inside and opened fire with a shotgun. McReynolds and Frazier were arrested after McReynolds showed up at a hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound to the arm. He was treated and taken to jail.

Citizens' group blasts antigun fanatic for remark about dropping out of school: "The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is taking issue with a crass remark by Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, in which Hamm contended in a Fox News report that self-defense advocates have no business on college campuses. Hamm's remark, reported by Fox News on Wednesday, was, 'You don't like the fact that you can't have a gun on your college campus? Drop out of school.'"

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