Monday, November 12, 2007

Florida: Boy, 15, shot dead during burglary in North Miami: "An auto repair shop owner confronted two teens early Saturday in North Miami, shooting and killing one of them as they both attempted to burglarize the business that also doubles as the owner's home. The 15-year-old North Miami boy, Paul-Marc Petit, of North Miami, died from a gunshot wound. The other suspect, who is also 15, was apprehended and charged with felony murder, burglary and theft. He was not identified by police. The owner of Knight Auto Repair, 685 NW 121 Street, whose name was not released by police, is not expected to be charged in connection with the shooting because he was acting in self-defense. Police said the shop owner spotted the two burglary suspects on his property about 2 a.m. The teens were not armed. ''He heard noise,'' said Sergeant Trevor Shinn of the North Miami Investigations Unit, ``They were removing property from the vehicles. There was a confrontation, he shot at them.'' Police arrived to find the boy lying in front of the residence with a gunshot wound. They notified emergency rescue workers, who were unable to save the teen, according to a statement issued by the North Miami Police Department spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas"

Florida: Angry hog finally shot: "A Youngstown man with a .22 rifle was the last line of defense between his family and an angry porker. The 300-pound swine terrorized a home along County 2301 on Saturday morning, but ultimately, the hog was killed and taken away to become bacon, ribs and other meats. “It charged my mom. She was getting very upset,” said the 47-year-old who shot the hog. The man’s name is being withheld at the family’s request because of fear of retribution. “It even came after me one time and nipped me on the leg.” Officials with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said the family contacted their neighbors to see if the hog belonged to anyone, but no one claimed the curly-tailed creature. After the family called for help, two officers from Bay County Animal Control arrived, but they could not catch the hog either. “We chased the pig all over the place,” the man said. “The pig was street-wise.” ... The officers told the deputy to shoot the hog, but the deputy refused, Sumerall said. The officers then requested the deputy contact Sumerall, who concurred with the deputy’s decision. “We’re not shooting an animal that is not a threat to anyone,” Sumerall said. However, Sumerall told the officials the homeowner could shoot the pig. Homeowners have a right to safely kill game on their property, and hogs always are in season, Sumerall said."

Tennessee Man Shot By Two Women: "A deadly shooting in Camden, Tennessee on Thursday. 29-year-old Jason Robinson of Holladay suffered a shotgun wound to the chest and died about an hour after being shot yesterday afternoon. The police chief says an argument started when Robinson told his girlfriend Sonja Moore that he had an affair with her friend Benita Murphy. All three were at Moore's home at the time. The women told police Robinson was beating them. Officers say both women show signs of abuse. The women said Murphy got the shotgun to defend herself and shot Robinson when he kept attacking them. No charges have been filed at this point."

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