Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ohio market owner shoots at gunman: "Upset after he’d just been robbed of about $400, Wade Nassar grabbed his gun, ran around the counter of his convenience store, flung open the door and emptied his gun at the fleeing robber. “I meant to kill the dude,” Nassar said today, a day after he celebrated his 61st birthday at his Clermont County home. This isn’t the first time Nassar’s N&M Mini-mart – on the southwest corner of West Ninth and Elm streets – has been robbed, but it is the first time Nassar was mad enough to fight back. “I grabbed my gun and I’m shooting right behind his ass,” Nassar said. At about 11:30 a.m. today, Nassar saw a black man – Nassar guessed he was about 32 years old – enter his store and try to buy a $1.80 box of Kleenex. That’s when, Nassar said, the man stuck his hand in his jacket pocket to intimate he had a gun and demanded money. Nassar opened the cash register and gave the man about $400. “I didn’t give him all of it,” Nassar said. As soon as Nassar gave the man the money, he ran out the door and east on Ninth Street. When the robber took off, Nassar said he reached behind the counter, grabbed the .22-caliber handgun he keeps there and ran to the front door, opened it and started shooting, getting off five shots. “How I missed him I don’t know,” Nassar said. “If I (would have) crossed the street, I would have killed him.” Police heard the shots and responded. They may not have been too thrilled about Nassar shooting his gun on a downtown street in an area across the street from a school. "I think we are very fortunate that no one was hit that we are aware of,’’ said Cincinnati Police Lt. Mark Briede Nassar said “nobody was in the street” when he fired. Police confiscated Nassar’s gun – Nassar said he was registered to carry it – and took the Kleenex box to see if they can get a fingerprint from it of the robber."

Tennessee homeowner fights back, shoots would-be burglar: "A 63-year-old man took matters into his own hands when two men tried to break in his South Knox County home late Sunday night. The homeowner, Horace Garland, says they suspects didn't get very far inside his home. "I heard them. They were hollering or something when they were coming onto the porch." He says he even warned the men that he had a gun. "I guess they didn't believe me or something." Garland says he jumped out of bed, dove behind his bedroom wall and was ready with his pistol when the men came inside. "I shot one of them, and the other, he stayed around there and he hollered, 'Quit shooting!' and I let him come in and get him," Garland says. He shot Jeremy Johnson, 21, in the neck. The other man was Johnson's step-brother, Timothy Lee Sellers, 26. "He was the one sticking the gun around the side and shooting," Garland says. "He shot through the wall there at me." Garland's girlfriend was also in the room. "I shook for two hours... she was the same way. We're too old for this stuff." When asked if he'd do it again, Garland says he would in a heartbeat. "I didn't mind it a bit or until it was over. I'm glad I didn't kill him." Garland says he's still shaken up, and he doesn't know who either of the men are who broke in his home or what they were looking for. He's only lived in his neighborhood for about a month. Both suspects confessed to the break-in and are charged with aggravated burglary and attempted aggravated robbery. Garland won't face any charges since detectives say he acted in self-defense."

Louisiana woman shot in the chest after attacking another with cleaver: "A cleaver-wielding ex-girlfriend was shot in the chest early this morning at her former boyfriend's home in West Feliciana Parish. Kimberly Davis was brought to a nearby hospital after she was shot in the chest around 1 a.m. She underwent surgery but her condition was not immediately available. Authorities say Davis will face charges of attempted second-degree murder upon her release. West Feliciana Parish sheriff's officials say Davis kicked in the door of her former boyfriend's trailer. Investigators say he was in the bedroom with his new girlfriend when Davis, carrying a meat cleaver, stormed into the room. The new girlfriend was cut with the cleaver and then she reportedly pulled out a pistol and shot Davis in the chest. Captain Spence Dilworth says the pistol used to shoot Davis was a .22 caliber. The sheriff's office say the shooter will NOT be charged."

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