Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Georgia: Brinks robber shot: "A suspect and a security guard were shot during an attempted robbery at a shopping mall Monday, while a lunchtime crowd ducked for cover, officials and witnesses said. The guard's injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, said Bill Ball, general manager of the Arbor Place Mall. Police said the suspect's wounds were more severe. The events unfolded while a Brinks guard was entering the mall to service some of the ATM machines, Ball said. Douglasville Police Chief Joe Whisenant said it happened a few minutes after noon. He said the security guard was inside on the second floor when the would-be robber approached and put a gun to the guard's head. They scuffled and both men fired, with the guard hit in the leg and the suspect in the mouth, Whisenant said. Both men were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. The suspect underwent emergency surgery Monday afternoon, the chief said. Whisenant said the suspect is 41 years old and from DeKalb County on Atlanta's eastern side. He also said that money, the apparent target of the robbery, was recovered. Douglasville police put the mall under lockdown, not letting anyone in or out, for a brief period during the immediate aftermath of the shooting."

Indiana: Pawnshop worker shoots at robbers. Gets one: "At least one employee of an Indianapolis pawnshop fired a gun at two would-be robbers Monday morning, and a suspect was arrested after arriving at a hospital with a gunshot wound, police said. Police weren't sure whether the arrestee, Nurdeen Anderson [above], was shot at the pawnshop, but they said they believe he was one of the two men who tried to rob it. Authorities said two men armed with handguns entered the Universal Gold and Silver pawnshop at 4320 E. 10th St. at about 11:30 a.m. and tried to rob it. Two employees in the store also were armed, and at least one of the workers fired at the would-be robbers, police said. The would-be robbers exited the store. About 20 minutes later, Anderson, 26, arrived at Methodist Hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck, police said. Police said Anderson, who was treated at the hospital, matched the description of one of the men who robbed the pawnshop, and they arrested him on a charge of attempted robbery. Information on his condition wasn't available. Authorities said they were trying to determine who the other would-be robber was. Police said they believe no charges would be filed against the pawnshop's employees.

Thompson visits gun show: "White House hopeful Fred Thompson called his trip down an aisle of rifles, shotguns, and pistols at a gun show yesterday ``a day in paradise,'' and criticized his leading Republican opponents for past positions on gun control and abortion. Talking to reporters after the gun show visit, Thompson singled out Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, and Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts. Giuliani ``never met a gun-control bill he didn't like until he started to run for president and now I understand he very much approves of the Supreme Court taking jurisdiction of this Washington, D.C., case which most Second Amendment advocates think will establish that the Second Amendment means what it says and grants individual rights to people to possess firearms,'' Thompson said"

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