Saturday, November 10, 2007

TX: Store employee kills robber: "Authorities say around 3 p.m. Saturday, Jesse Jermane Pearson triedto rob Carl's Corner Convenience Store. Just minutes later, a store clerk reportedly chased him and about two miles from the store, Pearson was fatally shot. 'He waited until all of the other customers left and he came up to pay and instead of pulling out money he pulled out a big switch blade,' says Alex Hamil, the Carl's Corner Convenience Store Clerk who was held up at knife point Saturday. ... But Pearson would not get far. ... Barely two miles down the road Pearson's Toyota Tercell broke down .... Pearson allegedly ran toward Martin. That's when Martin allegedly grabbed his deer rifle. Hamil tells us that Pearson allegedly jumped in Martin's Jeep Cherokee and took off. 'And he tried to hit him with the car and that's when Jace shot him,' says Hamil. Moments later, Lubbock Police and Sheriff's Deputies arrived on the scene to find Pearson sitting in the driver's seat of the Martin's Jeep bleeding from the left side of his body. Pearson died en route to the hospital."

FL: Victims scare off robbers: "Two holders of concealed-weapons permits surprised armed thugs who approached them in west Orlando this week. Both men opened fire rather than surrender their wallets.... "What time is it?" one of the strangers asked. Soto looked down at his watch and said, "It is 6:10." Raising his head, Soto heard the stranger say, "Hey, run them," as the man drew a black snub-nose revolver from the pouch in his sweat shirt. As Soto pulled a 9 mm Keltec pistol from his right front pants pocket, he heard the robber's gunfire and felt a bullet graze his left shin, breaking the skin. Still standing, Soto fired two or three times before both robbers turned and ran, the report states. "They tried to rob me and my homeboy," Soto said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "Man, put it like this: If I didn't have a concealed-weapons permit, it would have been a lot worse." When the robbers fled, one stopped, turned and fired an unknown number of shots. Soto shot back and fired two to three more times, and Amezaga drew his .357 Magnum Sig Sauer pistol and fired eight or nine times at the robbers. Crime-scene technicians later collected 15 shell casings ejected by both of the men's handguns, the report said. Both men were unsure whether they hit either robber. Police did not determine where the 15 bullets fired by the men struck in the neighborhood."

Finns think that more laws will help them: "Finland is under pressure to tighten its gun laws after an 18-year-old student shot dead eight people at his school before turning his gun on himself. The massacre has shaken the nation of hunters which has never seen the need for security in its schools. When the European Union proposed raising the legal age for possessing a firearm to 18 earlier this year, there were protests from Finland, which argued that hunting was a popular leisure activity and crime rates were low. But yesterday the Trade Minister, Mauri Pekkarinen, said that the carnage in the small lakeside town of Tuusula meant the government should reconsider the law allowing anyone aged 15 or over to apply for a gun licence."

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Anonymous said...

What is it about the powers that are in all governments that think "Group Punishment" is the answer to everything? One guy does something horrendous with a gun and every legal gun owner has to pay for it.