Thursday, May 22, 2008

Widow kills murder suspect: "Police said a man shot and killed by a South Florida widow was actually a suspect in her husband's slaying. The North Miami Crime Scene Unit was back at the scene of the home on Northwest 12th Street on Tuesday. Police said Janepsy Mesa shot and killed Ilam Nissim. Detectives said on Wednesday that Nissim was possibly a suspect in her husband's death last month. Police said Janepsy Mesa had suspicions that Nissim had been involved in her husband's shooting. "He was a friend of the family's," North Miami Police Department Lt. Neal Cuevas said. "She did indicate to the detectives on a prior occasion that she suspected that he might have had something to do with the murder of her husband." Police said it's unclear why Nissim was at the house, but police said he walked in, opened the door and that's when something went wrong. "There was an exchange of conversation between the two of them," Cuevas said. "For whatever reason, she apparently felt threatened and shot and killed him." Police said Nissim didn't have a weapon and that he was shot multiple times. Janepsy Mesa is not being charged because police said she acted in self-defense."

Texas home invader shot: "A man watching TV grabbed a pistol and wounded one of two armed men who forced their way into the house in an apparent robbery attempt, police said. The wounded man, Darrall E. Houston, a 41-year-old ex-convict, collapsed across the street from the one-story home in the 1600 block of Grand Park near Quail Feather. He was taken to Memorial Hermann-The Texas Medical Center, and his wound does not appear to be life-threatening, said Missouri City police Capt. John Bailey. The other intruder fled and is being sought.... "It was very clear that the suspects illegally entered the residence," he said. "It is very obvious the shooting occurred inside the residence. There is no question about that." Bailey said Quentin Durisseau, 27, was in the living room about 11 p.m. Tuesday when two men kicked in the back door. "There was an exchange of gunfire from the suspects and the resident," Bailey said. Durisseau declined to comment about the shooting. Meanwhile, public records show the wounded man, a resident of Houston, was convicted of aggravated robbery in Harris County in 1987 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was paroled in 1992. Bailey said that before the ambulance arrived, witnesses saw the wounded man put something into the storm sewer. "We looked, and we found a gun; we found a black ski mask, and we found gloves," Bailey said. Officers found that the .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol had been stolen in Houston. Durisseau told police he did not know the intruders."

MA: Boston residents ignore the anti-gun "Safe Homes Initiative": "The Boston metropolitan area totals 3,406,829 people. As of April 30, it looks like 3 of them have taken advantage of the city's controversial anti-gun program billed as the 'Safe Homes Initiative.' The Boston Herald is reporting that two mothers have called the police to report guns owned by their teenage sons. Apparently desperate to cite more than two incidents of 'success' ... the police 'were also touting a May 1 call from a concerned Roxbury citizen who saw teens place a suspicious object in a neighbor's back yard that turned out to be a shotgun hidden among rocks.' A .22 pistol, a 9mm pistol, and a shotgun someone left in their backyard underneath some rocks -- I bet the streets of Boston are safe now."

Journalist's guide to gun violence coverage: "Guns are a sad fact of life in American culture and are a major topic in modern journalism. A good Journalist has a duty to get involved and make a difference in this important societal debate. By following certain guidelines, the concerned Journalist can be assured of having the maximum impact on this shameful problem. The first principle to remember is that subtle use of terminology can covertly influence the reader. Adjectives should be chosen for maximum anti-gun effect." [Satire]

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