Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kansas burglar greeted by gunfire: "Overland Park police are investigating a business burglary where an employee fired shots at a suspect. But the suspect, who may have been hit, was able to get away. The incident occurred at 10:50 p.m. Tuesday at Ratliff Guttering Company in the 5000 block of Mackey Street. Police said a company employee had been sleeping in an apartment inside the business when he heard a loud crash coming from the garage area. The employee grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and went to the garage area to investigate. The employee saw the garage door partially open and then saw a man inside near one of the company's trucks. He then fired a shot and heard the man yell. The intruder then ran towards the garage door and the employee fired again. Police found blood on the garage floor but could not find the intruder anywhere. They alerted hospitals and other area law enforcement agencies."

Kentucky man who was shot during attempted break-in dies: Tadarvis Gardner, 22, told police he was home with his girlfriend and brother when he heard someone trying to kick in the front door. Armed with a handgun, Gardner shot through the front door, striking Lobsiger once in his upper body, police said. Gardner called police, saying he'd shot someone trying to break in. Lobsiger, who police said appeared to be unarmed, was lying on the front porch near the home's entrance when police arrived. He was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital, where he died a short time later. Lt. James Curless said Tuesday night that the Fayette commonwealth's attorney has been involved in the investigation, but he declined to discuss the case further. Investigators could be trying to determine whether this case is protected by Kentucky's Senate Bill 38, also known as the castle doctrine or the home-intruder law.

New York: Man shoots bear chasing pet dog: "Rusvinder S. Sandhu, of Route 79, Colesville, shot and wounded a black bear who was chasing his pet dog around 1:18 a.m. Sunday. After he let out his one-year-old Belgian Shepard to go to the bathroom, Sandhu heard incessant barking and upon looking out a sliding door with a flash light he found a medium sized black bear chasing the pet around the backyard, police said. Sandhu retrieved a 7 mm magnum bolt action rifle and fired a single shot striking the bear in the neck and dropping him under a bird feeder, police said. The bear was still alive when Broome County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Mauser arrived, but the animal had to be dispatched with one 12 gauge shotgun slug for safety and humane purposes. Sandhu told Mauser he was unaware bears in his area, but was now was able to figure out why his bird feeder had been knocked out of its location in a tree, according to a police report."

Plan would allow loaded guns in national parks: "The Bush administration formally proposed Wednesday to scrap a longtime ban against bringing loaded weapons into national parks and wildlife areas. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne announced the beginning of a 60-day public comment period on the proposed update to the nation's gun regulations. Under the plan, an individual could carry a concealed weapon in national parks and wildlife refuges if he or she is authorized to do so on similar state lands in the state where the national park or refuge is located. "The safety and protection of park and refuge visitors remains a top priority for the Department of the Interior," said Kempthorne. "The proposed regulations will incorporate current state laws authorizing the possession of concealed firearms, while continuing to maintain important provisions to ensure visitor safety and resource protection." The announcement wasn't unexpected. Under pressure from Congress, the department said in February that it would review the ban and make a recommendation by the end of April."

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