Sunday, May 25, 2008

SC: No charges expected in fatal shooting: "Authorities say they don't plan to charge a man who shot another man who tried to hit his estranged wife with his truck. The coroner's office told WSPA-TV that 36-year-old Kenneth Ross Jr. of Greer was shot several times early Saturday morning and died at the hospital. Deputies say Ross confronted his estranged wife and a male friend at her Spartanburg home and tried to hit the woman with his truck, but struck her car instead. Authorities say Ross then started coming toward his estranged wife. The man got his gun and ordered Ross to stop. Deputies say Ross kept getting closer, so the man fired. Investigators say they consulted with prosecutors and decided not to charge the shooter because he was acting in self defense."

SC: Mini mart shooting was self-defense: "Richland County deputies say 40-year-old Willis Brown, the victim in a shooting Friday at the Mini Mart on Percival road, has died. Authorities say Brown entered the Mini Mart Friday and began verbally and physically assaulting 63-year-old store clerk Edward Kent. Lt. Chris Cowan said the situation came to ahead when Brown punched Kent, who pulled out a handgun in retaliation and shot the victim three times. Cowan says the shots were clearly in self-defense. Richland County deputies say Kent won't face charges. Bystanders identified the shooter as Kent, also known as "Pops." "He's like an old guy the whole neighborhood know. You know he knows everybody in the neighborhood. All the girls and stuff like that. He's just like an old man of the neighborhood," says Gregory Hill."

WA: Robber got off free, then got killed : "A 34-year-old man shot and killed by four bail bond agents Thursday in Lakewood was no stranger to his hunters. Seven weeks ago, he robbed the Tacoma bond company that hired the agents, confessed to the crime in front of the company owner and Tacoma police, and walked away without a legal scratch, according to documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court. He also saddled the company with tens of thousands of dollars in debt to the court. Whether those circumstances played a role in the man’s death was unclear Friday. The man was facing charges in three criminal cases filed earlier this year when agents for Liberty Bail Bonds Inc. tracked him down in Lakewood. The crimes were drug and weapon offenses; the man was a convicted felon and a self-proclaimed meth dealer who often carried guns and wads of cash. Agents told Lakewood police they shot him in self-defense. When they cornered him outside an auto shop on Pacific Highway Southwest at 4:40 p.m. Thursday, he quickly backed up his car, hit one of the agent’s cars and then drove forward, they said. Two agents fired their guns, striking and killing the man, Lakewood police Lt. Dave Guttu said. The man died a short time later. No one else was injured. A search of the car turned up two guns.... The agents involved in the shooting were interviewed but not arrested Thursday night, Guttu said. Bail bond agents in Washington can and do use firearms, handcuffs, batons and stun guns to apprehend suspects out on bail who fail to show up in court."

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