Friday, May 30, 2008

Ohio: Young intruder shot during robbery: "A 17-year-old boy shot during a failed robbery attempt is in stable condition and facing possible arrest by Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies. The juvenile allegedly entered an apartment at 5121 Northcutt Place in Northland Village Apartment Complex at about 3:10 p.m. Monday, May 26, in an attempt to rob the place, according to sheriff's Capt. Jeff PaPanek. The apartment is undergoing renovation, and a construction worker living in the building was asleep inside when the boy entered. When the man awoke, the juvenile brandished a gun and a struggle ensued. The construction worker wrestled the gun away from the juvenile and then shot him in the upper chest, PaPanek said. The juvenile fled the scene but was later picked up by Dayton police and transported to Miami Valley Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Investigators are waiting until the boy recovers from his injuries enough to speak before pursuing any charges, sheriff's Chief Phil Plummer said. The man in the apartment suffered a minor cut on his hand."

Texas: Guard shoots man at grocery store: "A man suspected of stealing may have been fatally shot outside a Fort Worth grocery store after he was followed to his car. The incident began after a Sack 'n Save manager became suspicious of a man exiting the store who he believed was carrying stolen merchandise at around 8:25 p.m., authorities said. The manager followed the man into the store's parking lot in the 3400 block of Altamesa Boulevard and confronted him as he got into a white truck. As the manager attempted to detain the man, the suspect began to drive off. A security guard, who had walked outside to check on the manager, said the truck drove straight towards him, which was when he fired a shot at the vehicle. The truck fled the scene. Authorities later discovered a man was admitted with a gunshot wound to the Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth. The man, who police believe may have been the driver of the white truck, was pronounced dead at the hospital."

South Carolina: Store Owner Shoots Robbers with birdshot: "Deputies say that early Saturday morning, two teenagers broke in to Dixon's Grocery on Highway 261 in Rembert. Authorities say that the owner of the store arrived and was able to shoot two of the suspects with bird shots, who were attempting to steal alcohol. When Sumter County deputies arrived at Dixon's, the suspects had taken off. An incident report says that Sumter dispatch received a call from 17-year-old Philip Steinle, who said he was on his way to the hospital with two people who had been shot in a neighborhood behind Wal-Mart on Broad Street. Steinle was pulled over by a city police officer, who discovered that the two passengers had apparently been shot by a shotgun with a bird shot. The city officer was then notified by a Sumter County deputy of the incident at Dixon's Grocery. One of the teens, a 16-year-old from Hopkins, is at Sumter's Tuomey Hospital in fair condition, while the other, 17-year-old Dontrell Jenkins, was airlifted to Palmetto Richland. Steinle admitted to authorities that he waited in a car while Jenkins and the 16-year-old attempted to break in to Dixon's. Steinle said that both teens ran back to the car, injured. Steinle was taken to the Sumter County jail, where he is being charged with burglary and larceny."

AZ Governor vetoes bill on lifelong weapons permits: "Gov. Janet Napolitano on Tuesday vetoed a pair of proposals to expand gun rights in Arizona, arguing the measures would have needlessly put law enforcement and the public at risk. Senate Bill 1106, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Gray, R-Mesa, would have created a state-issued, concealed-weapon permit valid for a lifetime. Under current law, a gun owner must renew the permit every five years, and each time undergo a new criminal background check. "The concept of lifetime validity for a concealed-weapons permit is unwise public policy," Napolitano, a Democrat, wrote in a letter that accompanied her veto".

Names and details for the fourth story from yesterday:

FL: Man shoots intruder: "David Hadden, 50, told police he heard a noise around midnight and went to investigate. When he tried to go one of his back patio doors, he found that it wouldn't open. When he tried the second door he ran into 35-year old Michael Anderson. Hadden said he pulled his gun and fired on Anderson to stop him from breaking into his home. One of the bullets grazed Anderson in the leg, he collapsed in a backyard area as he tried to make an escape. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for his wound. Late Monday morning he was transported to the main jail in Broward County.No one inside the home at the time of the shooting was injured. Police have not said if Hadden will face any charges. "

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