Thursday, May 29, 2008

FL: Store owner kills robber: "Vigil said her husband had been working alone about 6:45 p.m. Monday, when he was attacked at the CNK Beverage Pit, 12002 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. She said her husband was waiting for a customer's truck to pull farther into the drive-through bay when a masked man ran in through the exit of the drive-through beverage business. The driver took off, she said. Vigil said the would-be robber swung at her husband, striking him in the head. Deputies now say the attacker, identified as Kenneth Charles Heidkamp, 19, of Seffner, struck Cres Vigil in the head with a can of French-cut green beans in a sock. Vigil said her husband shot the attacker and didn't know the man had died until this morning. She said the couple have kept the gun at the business because she was held up at gunpoint a year ago. In that incident, the robber obtained no money because Vigil screamed, and homeless people hanging around the retention pond behind the business chased him away."

Florida: Pawn shop thief shot: "Detectives say David Gardner did what he had to do. When a robber barged into his pawnshop with a baseball bat, smashing glass display cases and stealing whatever he could, Gardner grabbed a gun and opened fire. The 51-year-old storeowner shot the suspect as he ran out the door. Investigators followed the suspect's blood trail through the parking lot, down the street and into the neighborhood nearby. Detectives scoured the scene and the neighborhood searching for the suspect, but they didn't have to go far. Within a few hours, detectives say the suspect, 20-year-old Willie Clarkson, turned up right across the street. They say he was bleeding from at least two gunshot wounds at the Briar Hill Apartments. Clarkson's 16-year old girlfriend found him in her apartment, called his sisters, and then called 911. Paramedics rushed Clarkson to the hospital where deputies arrested him. He's charged with armed robbery. Detectives say he'll remain in the hospital until he's well enough to be transported to jail."

Nevada: Three Men Killed in Shooting: "Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office are investigating a shooting in Winnemucca early Sunday morning that left three people dead and others injured. The shooting happened at the Player's Bar & Grill on South Grass Valley Road. Investigators say a feud between two local families is behind the early-morning shooting inside the bar. Three men from Winnemucca died from gunshot wounds, and two others are in critical condition at the hospital. Deputies say about 2:25 a.m., 30-year-old Ernesto Villa Gomez walked into the bar and starting shooting. 20-year-old Jose Torres and his 19-year-old brother Margarito Torres were killed. When Villa Gomez was reloading his semi-automatic gun, a man from Reno took out a gun and shot Villa Gomez. That man has a concealed weapons permit. The unidentified man who shot Villa Gomez is not expected to be charged in this incident; law enforcement call it a justifiable homicide. The Player's Bar & Grill was full of about 300 people, because a local biker event "Runnemucca" is going on this holiday weekend."

Florida Man Shoots Intruder: "A Ft. Lauderdale man shot a man who he claimed was trying to break into his home. The shooting occurred just after midnight in the 100 block of Southwest 31st Avenue. The homeowner reportedly told police he charged the would be robber with gun his after noticing that a door to his home which had been broken into. One of the bullets grazed the suspected thief in the leg, he collapsed in a backyard area as he tried to make an escape. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for his wound. Late Monday morning he was transported to the main jail in Broward County. No one inside the home at the time of the shooting was injured. Police have not said if the homeowner will face any charges."

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