Friday, August 15, 2008

Chicago, Illinois: Four Shot in Jewelry Store Shootout: "Robbers invaded a Southwest Side jewelry store on Wednesday, triggering a gun fight. Four people, including the alleged robbers, were injured in the shootout. It was a wild scene near the corner of 63rd Street and Kedzie Avenue Wednesday evening when a pair of robbers pretending to be customers walked into Sergio V. Jewelry. But the robbers picked on the wrong guy. The store owner, Sergio Vasquez, is known around the neighborhood to be a man who doesn't put up with any nonsense at his shop. He was behind the counter when the robbers walked in. Investigators said the robbers walked in with a briefcase and when they pulled their guns, Vasquez grabbed his and all three opened fire. Both robbers were hit and so was a jeweler in the back of the store. At least one shot also struck a motorist who was passing by outside. That driver was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the face. Police found one robber lying on the street around the corner, bleeding from a gunshot wound, the other was arrested at the store. None of the people shot appeared to have life-threatening injuries. All are hospitalized."

Alaska: Girl remains in critical condition after pit bull attack: "A 6-year-old girl remains in critical condition Tuesday after a pit bull attacked her and a baby sitter. Two neighbors came to the rescue and one of them shot the dog to save the victims. The attack happened a little before 3 p.m. at an East Anchorage trailer park, the Riviera Terrace, near 32nd Avenue and Lee Street. "The report was a pit bull had attacked a 6-year-old girl and she was severely injured. In fact the original report thought the girl was dead," said APD Lt. Paul Honeman. John Kersbergen and Shawnee Hart witnessed some of the attack. "I heard the screams get worse. I looked out the window and I see the dog has the baby sitter by the arm out here and the neighbor has his pistol. He shoots away, then, and the dog lets go. But then the dog turned on him, so he had to shoot again and after, like, three shots he finally hit the dog in the leg," Hart said. Police say Kyle Mayeaux rushed into the house to try and revive the little girl. Troy Danforth shot the dog in the leg, possibly saving the child's life. No one knows for certain why the dog attacked the child but neighbors said the dog was known to be aggressive. The child, however, lived with the dog so it seems it must have been familiar with the residents."

Kentucky woman shoots husband: "No charges have been filed against a Pulaski County woman who police say shot and killed her husband after the two got in a domestic confrontation. The shooting happened early Wednesday morning on Highway 196 in the Nancy community. Investigators with the Sheriff's Department say 48-year-old Tamara Wilson got a gun and shot her husband, 49-year-old William, after an argument escalated. Mr. Wilson was taken to the hospital where he later died. During its investigation, the Sheriff's Department found a history of domestic violence in this family - including a prior charge of domestic assault in 2006 and at least two prior domestic violence orders that had been issued against Mr. Wilson. Investigators also say Mr. Wilson had made threats against his wife leading up to the shooting. Because of this information, not charges have been filed, but the results of this investigation will be presented to the Pulaski County Grand Jury for their consideration."

Gunmaker to feds: Give me my firearm!: "A licensed gunmaker who has reported retaliatory attacks on his work by federal agents upset over his testimony on behalf of a man sent to prison for having a broken gun has ordered the government to return one of his projects. "You have seized company property without any cause or court order to date. The company firmly demands the return of the firearm in question," Len Savage told John Spencer and other officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in a letter, a copy of which was sent to WND and also later posted online at the War on Guns blog run by David Codrea. "Therefore please return the property of the company [the firearm in question] immediately," he wrote.

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