Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WI: What a feisty lady!: "For the record, Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk doesn't recommend what 18-year-old convenience store clerk Ashley Salmonson did Friday night. Still, her actions interfering with a would-be armed robber led to an arrest after an unsuccessful armed robbery. Now Mitchell T. Larson, 19, is in custody, held on $30,000 cash bail and facing possible charges of armed robbery, endangering safety by use of a deadly weapon, and criminal damage to property. Larson is accused of entering the Wissota Express store at 17255 County X at about 9 p.m. Friday, wearing dark clothing and a ski mask and carrying a rifle. He is alleged to have pointed the rifle at a clerk, identified in court as Salmonson, and demanded money. He then fired a round into a display of soda, according to Assistant District Attorney Wade Newell, because Salmonson, who was stocking a cooler at the time, wasn't moving fast enough for him. Salmonson gave him a bag of money, but as he started to leave, she confronted him by the door. A struggled ensued. Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk said Monday that the struggle continued outside, all the way over to the edge of a wooded area by the store. In the process, she got the man's mask off, and later identified Larson from a high school yearbook photo. She also got the gun away from him, and he dropped the money. Salmonson retrieved the money and the man picked up the rifle and fled. Salmonson then called law enforcement and Larson was later arrested at his home at 8154 193rd St. without incident."

GA: Road-rage death of Iraq veteran ends in mistrial: "A Fulton County superior court jury couldn't decide if an Atlanta man accused of fatally shooting an Iraq War veteran three years ago during a traffic argument was guilty. The case against 27-year-old Charles Anthony Key ended Tuesday in a mistrial. Key is accused of shooting Jack Snook, 24, in 2005 as the two drivers engaged in an argument at a Midtown red light. While a defense attorney characterized Key's actions as self defense from road rage, prosecutors sought involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault against the father of two. Snook, a U.S. Marine, had returned from duty in Iraq three months before the shooting. Key was released, following the jury's decision. Key's attorney, Dennis Scheib, said he wasn't surprised by the outcome. "I didn't think they'd find him guilty," Scheib said. "The DA didn't prove their case." On the two counts Key faced, the jurors voted 9-3 that he was not guilt for the involuntary manslaughter charge, and were split 6-6 over the aggravated assault charge, court officials said."

Dubious murder charge in Wisconsin: "Sixty-two-year-old Francis Reeves is charged with murder. It started at the Reeves' family lake house Friday night. Investigators say Reeves' son was hosting a party. They say a fight erupted between Reeves' daughter's boyfriend and Deshaun -- possibly over a cell phone. Reeves said he got a call that his daughter got knocked out and suffered a black eye. In court, Reeves' lawyer said his client went to the house and when he got there a group of about a dozen teenagers grabbed his son. Officers say Reeves fired a handgun and hit Deshaun in the stomach. Reeves' lawyer, Dick Harpootlian, says it was self-defense. "This was on his property -- his one child was knocked out, the other was being beat up -- he had a right to get in self-defense," Harpootlian said."

MI: 75 open carriers have nice picnic in Michigan public park : ""They came, they saw, they carried - and they didn't cause any problems.Members of peacefully set up shop Saturday at Veterans Memorial Park in Warren to prove a point about the Second Amendment and Michigan's gun laws.About 75 gun enthusiasts strolled through the park throughout the afternoon with sidearms strapped to their belts in plain view. The goal was to underscore that Michigan is among 44 states where it's legal to carry a gun in public without a permit, as long as it was legally purchased and registered."

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